¡You deserve the pool of your dreams!

Have you ever thought about having a pool? You’ve probably seen a lot of pool pictures and wondered if it’s for you. At Urban Pool Services we believe that you too can have a pool, and not just any pool: ¡You deserve the pool of your dreams!

Designed exclusively for you. We want to guide you, whether you want to get your own pool or you already have one, so we decided to share with you the most important thing to make the best decision at the time of making your investment:

  1. ¿Price? Consider what you can invest and what you can get; it will be reflected in size and quality.
  2. Maintenance. Ask for the annual maintenance cost, it will help you to know better what the total investment of the project will be and adjust your budget. There are important considerations when it comes to pool maintenance, make sure you have all the information; ask how often it will require maintenance, so you can decide whether to hire professional maintenance service with guarantees or try to clean the pool yourself.
  3. Construction time. It is vital to know how long it will take to complete the project, check when it will start and when your pool will be ready. Knowing how much time will be spent will help you determine your budget more exactly.
  4. Authorizations and regulations. It is essential to work with professionals who guarantee you get all the permits for construction or remodeling, as well as the maintenance of the pool. Know local, state and federal regulations regarding pool ownership.

Once all your questions have been answered, you can start to daydream, plan and start building or remodeling your pool.

¡THINK ABOUT IT! More than an expense is an investment that your family will appreciate and enjoy.

In Urban Pool Services we offer you the best solutions; with a trained and trustworthy staff that will guarantee the job.


Call us and we will help you bring your pool to life.

  • Get your pool back.
  • Remodel your pool or patio.
  • Receive advice for the construction of your new pool.

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