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Winter Winds bring Dirt to the Pool

In winter season many pool owners in Broward County face the problems generated by the strong winds typical of this time of year, especially when said pool is outdoors. It is normal for the wind to generate waves and soft movements in the water of the pool due to the force it carries, however that´s not the problem, these gales affect the pool water when they bring with them dust, dirt, soot, leaves, garbage and a lot of other things that fall into the pool water, contaminating it and making it difficult to keep the pool clean, sparkling and clear.

Most people opt for the cover for the pool, however, they should be careful with what they buy, it is important to take into account aspects so that they do not make an investment that does not work as they expected. It is advisable to consult the types of designs, the distances of the cover to the floor, the types of materials, the advantages offered by each of them, the standard measures of the cover or if it can be made to suit each pool; and any other questions that may arise.

In many moments it can be desperate to deal with the winds that are loaded with dust, pollution, spores and other dirt, so you should look for ways to reduce the risks of contamination of the pool. As for example cutting the grass around the pool, this can be quite a tragedy if the appropriate measures are not taken.






Some good ideas to collect and remove dirt that has been introduced to the pool are, use a swimming pool leaf skimmer to collect leaves and dirt that is on the surface, and use a heavy duty pool leaf rake with deep net bag, for those who are in the bottom.

Analyze the environment of your pool: If you have trees nearby, try to keep it well trimmed and be pending in its change of foliage, to prevent everything from falling into the pool. The vacant lots or exposed land, are a big problem, try to isolate the pool from dust so that it does not contaminate. Take care of the vicinity of the edges of the pool, preferably concrete, tile or stone; so that your feet do not get dirty before entering the pool. To eliminate dust and dirt that is at the bottom of the pool, you must flocculate the water in the pool and then vacuum the drain.

To hire a reliable and experienced pool cleaning company that you can trust, will definitely help you to maintain the pool clean, crystalline and sparkling. Leave the pool cleaning tasks in the hands of Urban Pool Services, we offer professional, periodic cleaning services and solutions to any problem you can have with your pool. All our services are guaranteed with the highest quality of care and responsibility, to make sure your pool is always a place of relaxation and recreation


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