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Why To Acid Wash My Pool

In general, your pool only needs an acid wash every five or seven years if you do regularly pool cleaning and maintenance. Beside that, an acid wash becomes necessary when the pool has turned into a swamp, either because algae are a recurring problem or the winterizing process is not done properly.

On average, pool owners will want to acid wash their pool once a year to remove stains and return pools back to its original finish, but it is not advisable that it be an annual custom, because if so, it can damage the plaster layer inside the pool, which will accelerate the need to re-cast. Acid-washing a pool means that a thin layer of plaster is removal to eliminate stubborn stains and calcium deposits exposing fresh plaster underneath.

How do I know that my pool needs an acid wash?

If you cannot see the bottom of your pool through the water, you have been sitting long enough to guarantee an acid wash. Another sign that your pool needs an acid wash is the rapid growth of the algae after scrubbing. The algae spores can dig deep into the porous gypsum and continue to bloom, which acid-washing should eliminate completely.

How do you acid wash a plaster pool?

Before start it, be sure to wear all appropriate safety equipment, including rubber boots, gloves, a respirator that will block muriatic acid fumes, protective goggles, and clothing that covers your arms and legs.

  • Preparation Phase

Previously to acid-washing your pool, you need to completely empty it and clean it. We recommend you contact The Miami Dade municipal water to tell them you are planning to empty and fill your pool so they can give you an estimate about how much will cost. They can be reached at

Clean and scrub the algae, leaves and other debris from the walls of the pool while it is empty and then remove all the debris that gathered at the bottom. Although this process is time consuming it is necessary

  • Acid-wasing phase

It is highly recommended to hire specialist pool maintenance and cleaning company to take care of the acid washing the pool. Muriatic acid is a highly dangerous substance that, if not used correctly, will cause serious damage to people, the pool and the environment.

If you decide to do the process yourself, be sure to work with a team of at least two people in case of accidents

  1. Mix equal parts of muriatic acid, and water to spray the sides of the pool.
  2. Rub the acid mixture on the surface of the plaster for about 30 seconds, with a brush.
  3. Wash the acid with water to prevent the plaster from penetrating permanently.
  4. Depending on the depth of the stains present in the pool, you may have to repeat this process.
  5. Once completed, neutralize the acidic water with soda ash and then pump the rinse water out of the pool.

Keep in mind that you should never acid wash vinyl-coated pools, which only require cleaning with detergents and conditioners.

Muriatic acid is a dangerous thing

You should always wear protective equipment due to the caustic nature of the chemicals, which can burn the skin and cause respiratory damage if inhaled.

While you can perform this process yourself, it is best to leave the pool cleaning tasks in the profesional hands of Urban Pool Services, we have the right equipment, skills and products for the job so our services is done with the highest quality of care and responsibility.


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