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Why do I have to treat pool water?

The majority of pool owners in Fort Lauderdale know that to enjoy sparkling clean pool water it is essential the combination of three aspects: circulation systems; physical cleaning and chemical treatment. However, some people have asked me, isn’t enough to skimming, vacuuming and brushing the pool? Why does the pool water have to be treated chemically?

Well, let’s start with this:

Once the water has been extracted from its natural environment (water well, reservoir, river, and lake), it changes its physical-chemical characteristics extremely quickly. Imagine the water of a river that is very transparent, and if we analyze it both chemically and biologically we will obtain some results.

If we take water from the river and store it in a pond that we have built, we can see that with the passage of time the appearance of the water and its biological values as well as others change. After a week, the water loses its transparency, its temperature increases, its pH value has changed, etc … After 2 weeks, the water takes on a greenish hue, and the rest of the values vary alarmingly. Originally transparent water has become a biological, opaque breeding ground with different values of its origin.

Trying to explain in detail why this happens it would take a long time and deviate from the purpose of this post. However, you must understand that water, taken from its environment, changes its characteristics to adapt to the new medium.

If we take a quantity of water from the river and store it, the first thing that will be observed is a gradual reduction of the level of dissolved oxygen, an increase in the amount of CO2, and variations in the pH. More complex life forms (fish, for example) would die by suffocation.

The detritus of aquatic life will be increased and this will favor the appearance of algae, which in the presence of food and sunlight will grow vertiginously, which will result in the opacity of water absorbing more sunlight and therefore the water will increase in temperature, and a large number of events until a new self-destructive order is established and nothing favorable for the surrounding animal species or for man.1

That is why the methods of control and treatment of pool water are so important; they assure us an optimal water quality, with guarantees for our health and for the environment.

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