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Why did my pool turns green?

One of the reasons why your pool turns green is because of water loss. When pools lose water, they are also losing some of the chemicals that helped keep it clean and free of algae.

Yes, the green color of your pool is caused by the appearance of pool algae.

Pool algae appear when there are not good cleaning conditions inside the pool, either because dirt, dust, leaves or insects have fallen into it. But they also appear because of a lack of chemicals in the water.

When a pool loses water, the level of chemicals it contained becomes unbalanced because the water that was lost contained a certain proportion of chemicals. Generally, this loss of water originates when there is a leak in the pool, which generates as a consequence that we are continually filling the pool.

Pools do not maintain themselves

While it is very important to keep the water in the pool at the correct level, otherwise it could affect the proper functioning of the entire circulation system of the pool.

However, we must be mindful to add the amount of chemicals needed to balance the water chemistry and circulate the water.

Once the chemicals have been added to the pool water, we must circulate the water by activating the circulation system. This will take the chemicals throughout the pool, including pipes, filter, skimmers and returns. Cleaning in this way the parts of the circulation system.

Is circulating your pool water important?

Absolutely. The health of your pool depends greatly on water circulation. If the water is not circulating properly, the chemicals will not reach all parts of the pool. The pipes will not be cleaned, the filter and skimmers will not be disinfected properly, and dirt particles that may be floating in the water will not be removed.

Not to mention that standing water would cause stains in your pool, bad odors and in some cases could cause skin, hair and eye diseases.

What happens if I circulate my pool water and there is a leak?

If the leak in your pool is not in any of the pipes or equipment, even though you will continue to lose water as the days go by, it will still be beneficial for the health of your pool.

On the contrary, if the pool leak is in any of the equipment or pipes, circulating the water will cause the water level to drop faster due to the pressure applied by the pumping of water through the circulation system.

Our main recommendation if your pool is leaking water is to perform a pool leak test and if positive, repair it as soon as possible.

What can I do if my pool turns green?

How can I leak test my pool?

To detect if your pool has a leak, the ideal is to hire a professional company or person to perform this type of work. Not only does it save time and money because in most cases if the leak is small, the cost of this leak detection service includes the patching or repair of this leak.

If the leak is very large or there are multiple places where your pool is leaking you may run the risk of overlooking them or having to call a professional in the area to make the repair.

But if you want to perform the pool leak detection test on your own, in this other article of our blog we tell you how to do it in a simple way.

How to detect a pool leak.

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