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What is the Skimmer for?

All the pools in Weston have a series of equipment that are part of  the necessary installation to perform the different functions of filling, emptying, circulating, and filtering the water. In this sense the skimmer is an element of great importance within the filtering system, located in the upper level of the pool. Skimmers are a surface cleaner with the function of maintaining the hygiene of the water by suctioning the dirt from the surface, where there is a lower concentration of chlorine, which is why it accumulates the greater presence of microorganisms such as leaves, insects, hair and others, besides to also aspire to the very fat of our body that accumulates on the edges of the pool. Thus, it minimizes the appearance of dirt on the edges and the cleaning work by removing the greasy elements before sending the water to the wash filter.

It is through the Skimmer that the water is directed to the filter, but the dirt collected by its pouring into the collecting basket with a recommended flow of 5 m³ / h. That is one skimmer for each 25 m² of the surface surface of the water. Without the skimmer the maintenance and cleaning of your pool becomes larger and more frequent, and the problem of the appearance of undesirable algae, diseases and other problems, also increase to become more frequent and quick.


Skimmer working by sucking pool water

The skimmers also work as elements to set an optimum level in the pool water filling, which should always be in the middle of the openings or gates located in the wall of the basin to get an adequate suction of the dirt on the surface. When a pool does not have a skimmer, the water level must always be at least 20 cm (7,87 inch) above the level of the cleaner’s mouth, (usually located on one side in rectangular pools), because if the level is lower, it can absorb air, deteriorating the purification system.

Therefore the skimmer for swimming pools perform a very important function by avoiding that leaves, flowers, insects and other types of dirt can clog the pipes or reach the prefilter of the pump of the filtering system, or end up with saturation of humidity on the bottom of the pool where they would continue to decompose and destabilize the quality of the water.

For the activity of the skimmer to be more effective, it is better to keep the valve of the cleaner closed, and thus concentrate all the power of the pump in these, achieving a superficial movement of the water.

The baskets of the skimmers prevent large debris from reaching the pump, while the gates with their opening system retain the remains that are trapped in the corresponding filters or skimmer basket, preventing their return to the pool.

Many models of skimmer have systems of anchorage of the baskets to avoid that these can gturn over and even turn around, while working and stopping the purifying pump, in which generates greater turbulence of the water so that they do not disperse the dirt elements collected in the baskets, which in any case should not leave the housing after the gate located on the wall.

Skimmers and their pipes are susceptible to breakage like any other element within the installation of a pool, and sometimes, in addition to being unusable for the function they must fulfill, they can generate significant water losses if they are not repaired, so that if you have some of this issues do not hesitate to contact Urban Pool Services, our Broward County and Miami Dade pool cleaning and repair services have served the needs of our community for many years, we will send one of our experienced workers to fix the issue quickly and efficiently.



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