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Top 10 Summer Pool Fun Activities

Florida has a very hot summer, in fact, it is a paradise dreamed by most because its wather makes it the perfect recreational and refreshing space for Miami Dade and Broward pool owners.

chicken pool game for summer fun

Relaxing by the pool during the hot days of summer is one of the best parts of summer.   We can also plan fun activities to keep the kids entertained in the pool, all season long.

The best part? we don’t need to buy a bunch of expensive toys. The Swimming Pool itself is the greatest toy.

Some of the most fun pool games are also the simplest, and many involve supplies that we probably already have lying around the house. Other supplies can be bought at our local department store for just a few bucks.

Summer Pool Fun Activities

Alex from three littler ferns gave us this list of  Swimming Pool Games for Summer Fun

  1. Pool Basketball. Pick your teams and get ready for battle, in a friendly way of course! While you can totally purchase a basketball “goal” to shoot into for points, it’s not a requirement at all. Just turn your floaties or other round objects that float into the goal and have fun aiming away. The first team to 10 wins! Or, if there are only two of you in the pool, battle it out with a friendly game of “Pig” or “Horse”.
  2. On Your Mark, Get Set…Go! Yep, you guessed it. No pool time family fun would be complete without a good old racing swimming game. Who can swim faster from one end of the pool to the other? Or who can push off from the wall and glide the furthest without coming up for a breath? All fun, and simple pool games that each member of the family will have a blast being a part of.
  3. Dive and Find. Think back to your childhood years where you could literally spend hours dropping pennies and closing your eyes, while diving down to the bottom of the pool, feeling around for those copper items. Well, its just as popular now as it was back then! Take turns timing each person to see who can locate the dropped items first in a heated battle of “Dive and Find.”
  4. Pool Noodle Sword Fights. Battle the day away with a few fun and friendly pool noodle sword fights. Make up the ground rules, and have fun!
  5. Marco Polo. This classic pool game is a MUST for your family-friendly activities. Often better suited for when your family is the only ones in the pool due to spreading out and swimming all over, but sure to provide tons of giggles and bonding moments for hours and hours.
  6. Tag! Running and dodging each other in the water is always a great time! Not only will you make some great family memories, you’ll also get quite the killer workout, too.
  7. Chicken. Beware of this addictive game, and be safe. Your children will love, love, love playing chicken. How long will your shoulders last? Only time will tell.
  8. Cannonball Splash! Is one EVER truly too old try to win the title of the “biggest cannonball splash” contest? I think not. Have fun running, jumping and splashing the day away to see who comes out victorious.
  9. High-Dive Performance. If your pool has a diving board, why not create an impromptu game of “America’s Got Talent – Pool Edition”? Those family members in the water are the judge and each person has to show their stuff off the diving board. Be prepared, the competition can get pretty fierce.
  10. Gymnastics Competition. Those water handstands are addictive. You know exactly what I’m talking about, right? Seeing who can hold their handstand longer and more straight than the other person? So. Much. Fun.

And remember, to enjoy your pool this summer it is most to keep it in perfect conditions, so it is essential to carry out a cleaning schedule that at lese includes: Skimming, Vacuuming, Brushing, Cleaning and changing filter cartridges and Maintaining proper chemicals (chlorine, pH, CYA, muriatic acid).

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