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To clean your pool you Only Need 2 Things

To clean your pool you only need 2 things, to know what to do and to have the motivation to do it.

A pool is an endless source of fun for your family, friends and pets. However, all this fun can be affected if your pool is not cleaned properly, which can result in repair costs and deep cleaning that can only be done by experts in the field.

What health problems can result from not cleaning your pool?

Depending on the severity of the issue, not cleaning your pool properly can cause health problems for your loved ones, such as eye irritation, skin problems, or ear infections.

To avoid all these problems you should clean your pool regularly once a week, brush the walls, pass the net from the bottom to the surface of the pool, empty the baskets and skimmer, vacuum the dirt that accumulates at the bottom of the pool and apply the necessary chemicals to keep the water balanced.

How do I know if I need to balance the pool water?

The pool chemistry stays within normal values during several cleanings as long as the pool is used correctly.

Usually after a rainy day or a party, your pool will need to balance the water chemistry because the pH levels will have gotten out of control.

To perform the pH test you do not need to be a professional technician, you just need to have the tool they use, a chemical test kit. 99% of the kits come with instructions on how to perform the test and how to read the results.

Do i only need to add chemicals to clean my pool?

Adding the chemicals to your pool will help prevent the appearance of stains and blackheads on your pool’s walls and floor. However, if you only add the chemicals to your pool but do not circulate the water, the chemicals will not reach all corners of your pool and will not clean or maintain it properly.

A good water circulation system

Having a good circulation system is fundamental for the health and well being of your pool, the ideal is to keep the water circulating 24 hours a day, this way the filters will be able to purify the water that is collected thanks to the skimmers and returns. However, we know that keeping the pool pump on is not feasible as it will generate a large expense in the electricity bill, so the ideal is to pump it 10 to 12 hours a day, preferably in the hours of sunshine.

For all other cleaning processes you will only need the usual tools, a brush to clean the walls, a net to collect floating particles or insects and sometimes a vacuum cleaner. All these tools are easily available in supermarkets and some businesses even rent them.

Many people hire pool cleaning companies because they don’t have the time to do the cleaning and compare the cost of buying or renting these tools to the monthly cost of the service which is very economical.

Your time is one of the most valuable resources we have, for this reason if you want to continue taking advantage of your time in your activities and not worry about cleaning your pool call us and we will take care of keeping your pool clean and healthy.


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