Top 10 Summer Pool Fun Activities

Florida has a very hot summer, in fact, it is a paradise dreamed by most because its wather makes it the perfect recreational and refreshing space for Miami Dade and Broward pool owners. Relaxing by the pool during the hot days of summer is one of the best parts of summer.   We can also plan … Read more

Why To Acid Wash My Pool

In general, your pool only needs an acid wash every five or seven years if you do regularly pool cleaning and maintenance. Beside that, an acid wash becomes necessary when the pool has turned into a swamp, either because algae are a recurring problem or the winterizing process is not done properly. On average, pool owners will want to acid … Read more

The Best Pool Resurfacing Material

The reasons for remodeling your pool are almost endless. The most common is when your pool needs to be resurfaced, so you call professionals like Urban Pool Services to renovate you backyard paradise. But, how to know that it is necessary to resurface your swimming pool? Well, over the years your pool have been exposure … Read more

The Pool of My Dreams

The diversity of swimming pools available today is such that there is one for each project, both in terms of materials and finishes as well as shapes, dimensions and accessories. El Mueble magazine has compiled the 50 best swimming pools that have come out in their previous publications that although they are all in the … Read more

Pool Care when I’m Away

Fort Lauderdale is one of the most visited places by tourists on summer vacations, but when that paradise dreamed of by many is the backyard of our home all year round, we simply plan our summer vacation away from Miami Dade, and then a big question arises about pool care for the Fort Lauderdale pool … Read more

Swimming Pool, Summer and Bugs

The environment of Florida is attractive to many different types of animals and insects. The climate is hot and humid during a great part of the year. A lot of rain and waterways means that insects have a lot of places to procreate. The aquatic insects in Florida are very diverse and live in all … Read more

What mean pool water balancing?

Water is known for its “universal solvent” property. That is, depending on the circumstances can dissolve “almost” all materials, with more or less time in between. Water can be both corrosive and incrustations and when this happens we speak of unbalanced water, while water that does not cause these problems is called balanced water. The … Read more

What if we do not …?

Every pool owner knows that there are duties to be met rigorously, but let’s face it, many times we do not know the reason for all that; we simply accept that the pool water requires certain things to stay clean and that is enough for us. But sometimes we ask ourselves, what if we do … Read more


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