The turnover rate

Usually, when we have some difficulty in our pool, we immediately ask for advice and technical support from specialists in the area. A problem that usually makes us seek help, is some failure in the circulation system of the pool. And frequently, the filtration system in our pool is not adequate because we did not pay attention to the hourly turnover rate.


Remember that the function of the circulation system is to recover the water from the pool, sending it to the filter, disinfect it and then enter it again in the pool.

The turnover rate of a swimming pool is the amount of time it takes for the pumping and filtration systems to cycle all the water in the pool completely.

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Therefore, it is necessary to determine how many cycles of recirculation are needed per day when choosing the filtration equipment for our pool.

Let’s suppose that a pool has a recirculation cycle of 6 hours, the maximum recirculations that can be done in a day will obviously be 4. In this case we will observe that there remains a residual of “unfiltered” water of 2%, that is to say that in 24 hours we will have guaranteed that 98% of the water in the pool will have passed through the filter.

Although at first it sounds ideal, it is not quite, because the filtration equipment is working 24 hours without rest, and that will affect the installation.

If, on the other hand we have a recirculation cycle of 4 hours, the filtration equipment can perform 6 recirculations daily, meaning that we will improve the quality of the water up to 99.5%, since the residual is barely 0.5%

In both cases the filtration system is working 24 hours. The difference lies mainly, that if we settle for a residual of 2%, the first case will require 24 hours a day while in the second case will require 16 hours a day.

So, what is the use of having more powerful filtering equipment, since both reach equally their quality objective? The main reasons are:

  • The wear of the equipment of 4 hours is 33.33% lower.
  • The capacity or “power” extra to treat an eventual difficulty or problematic water is higher in the 4 hours by the same percentage.

Although in theory, both configurations will consume the same energy, it will not be the same regarding the maintenance aspect. Therefore, the recirculation period must be configured according to the quality of the water, the longevity of the system and the desired safety margin.

If you have had frequent problems related to some element of the circulation system of your pool, the most probable thing is to seek professional advice and ask for the turnover rate and verify the recirculation cycles required by our swimming pool.

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