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The Right Turnover Rate For My Pool

One problem that usually makes us seek help is a fault in the pool’s circulation system.

Generally, when we have any difficulty in our pool, we immediately ask for advice and technical support from specialists in the area.

So, first of all let’s understand that the function of the circulation system is to recover the water from the pool, sending it to the filter, disinfect and then enter it again in the pool.

A proper flow rate drags all the water through the system within a set period of time.

The right size pump will provide the necessary flow for a particular pool.

According to this:

The turnover rate of a swimming pool is  the amount of time it takes for the pumping and filtration systems to cycle all of the water in the pool one time.

Therefore, we need to determine how many recirculation cycles our pool needs per day in order to choose the right filtration equipment.

Suppose that a pool has a recirculation cycle of 6 hours, the maximum recirculation that can be done in a day will obviously be 4.

In this case we observe that there is a residue of water “unfiltered” of 2%. This means that, in 24 hours we have guaranteed that 98% of the water in the pool will have passed through the filter.

pool circulation system with sand filter, pump and heater

Although at first it sounds like a great idea, it’s not so much, as we’re making the filtration team work 24 hours a day without a break, and that will affect the piece of equipment.

If on the other hand we have a recirculation cycle of 4 hours, we see that we can make 6 recirculations daily, and in this case we will improve the quality of the water because the waste is 0.5% or what is the same 99.5% of water will have filtered.

In both cases the filtration equipment operates 24 hours a day. The difference is mainly that, with a residue of 2% of the first case, the equipment will require 24 hours a day, while the second case with 0.5% of unfiltered water will only work 16 hours a day.

So, what is the use of having more powerful filtering equipment, if both reach equally their quality objective?

So what’s the point of having more powerful filtering equipment, since both achieve their quality objective equally?

The wear of the 4-hour equipment is 33.33% lower.

The capacity or extra “power” to treat a possible difficulty or water problem is greater in the 4 hours by the same percentage.

Although in theory, both configurations will consume the same energy, it will not be the same in the maintenance aspect.

Therefore, the recirculation period should be set according to the water quality, the longevity of the system and the desired safety margin.

If you have had frequent problems related to your pool´s circulation system, you most sick professional advice and ask for the turnover rate and verify the recirculation cycles required by our swimming pool.

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