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The Top 5 Safest Pool Fence

Having kids and a backyard pool means that a pool fence is the first safety issue we must think about.

We are awarw that there is no substitute for vigilant supervision, but this system will protect children, elderly and pets from accessing the pool during unsupervised times.

As in almost all aspects of your swimming pool design, there are many pool fence options and there are no clear answers, basically because definitions of proper and safe pool fences vary somewhat in different regions of the country.

swimming pool fenced by its frame sides

According to The CPSC a fence completely surrounding the pool is better than one with the house serving as the fourth side. Fences should be a minimum height of 4 feet high, although fences 5 feet or higher are preferable.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has published the Safety Barrier Guidelines for Residential Pools. Where explain How to Prevent a Child from Getting OVER a Pool Barrier.

Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act

The Legislature requires that all new residential swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs be equipped with at least one pool safety feature and ascribed to   The Department of Health be responsible for producing its own or adopting a nationally recognized publication that provides the public with information on drowning prevention and the responsibilities of pool ownership.

Pool fence Requirements

Jimerson Birr explains in his blog that a residential swimming pool barrier must have all of the following characteristics:

  1. The barrier must be at least 4 feet high on the outside;
  2. The barrier may not have any gaps, openings, indentations, protrusions, or structural components that could allow a young child to crawl under, squeeze through, or climb over the barrier;
  3. The barrier must be placed around the perimeter of the pool and must be separate from any fence, wall, or other enclosure surrounding the yard unless the fence, wall, or other enclosure is situated on the perimeter of the pool, is being used as part of the barrier, and meets the barrier requirements of the statute; and,
  4. The barrier must be placed sufficiently away from the water’s edge to prevent a young child or medically frail elderly person who may have managed to penetrate the barrier from immediately falling into the water.

The structure of an aboveground swimming pool may be used as its barrier or the barrier for such a pool may be mounted on top of its structure; however, such structure or separately mounted barrier must meet all barrier requirements of the statute. In addition, any ladder or steps that are the means of access to an aboveground pool must be capable of being secured, locked, or removed to prevent access or must be surrounded by a barrier that meets the requirements.

Gates that provide access to swimming pools must open outward away from the pool and be self-closing and equipped with a self-latching locking device, the release mechanism of the gate must be located on the pool side and placed so that it cannot be reached by a young child over the top or through any opening or gap. A wall of a dwelling may serve as part of the barrier if it does not contain any door or window that opens to provide access to the swimming pool. A barrier may not be located in a way that allows any permanent structure, equipment, or similar object to be used for climbing the barrier.

A fence that complements your pool’s style

Some people don’t like to have a fence at all, but ones they realize a poo fence is needed, comes another issues… the fence looks!

The fence looks most complements the pool’s style, or at least blends into the background

Types of Pool Fences


Mesh pool fence

Here we find those that are possibly the most commonly used, mesh fences, in which modules are formed by posts of various materials depending on the manufacturer (steel, aluminum, alloys, etc.)

Swimming pool mesh fences are also made of various materials and qualities such as PVC, textiles or similar.

They provide the benefits of glass fence while does not function as barriers for strong gusts of wind. They will also allow you to get a view of the area around the pool.

This fence from Gianex is made from lightweight aluminum tubing which is durable and strong but also means that the fence can actually be rolled up and stored when you no longer require the fencing solution. This is a great option if you usually don’t have a fence but have children or pets coming to your property.

Acrylic glass panel pool fences

This is an increasingly common alternative. In this type of transparent fence, the connection between posts is made by glass, glass, acrylics or methacrylate. Posts or clamping structure are usually made of steel, aluminum or similar alloys.

There are pros and cons regarding glass pool fences. Acrylic glass gives an elegant look to your pool with obstructive limited view of your home to the pool. Visually you don’t get lost from gardening and you can choose a fence without a frame or without a half-frame. The glass that makes up this type of wand is normally resistant to climbing.

Aluminum pool fences

The benefits of aluminum pool fences are that they are strong, durable, semi-private, and extremely elegant.

The brand Ultra Aluminum™ pool fencing claim to be  designed to meet all the stringent BOCA swimming pool safety codes. Several Ultra Residential picket fence styles are specifically designed to comply with BOCA code.

Wooden Pool Fence

Wooden pool fence types have a traditional style. They are available in a variety of designs, Colors. Shapes and Sizes

Wooden fences are attractive and great for privacy, but also come with extra maintenance. They are durable and lasts long if you maintain it well.

Wrought Iron Pool Fences

Wrought iron fences were once quite popular, and are still cherished for their antique designs, durability and elegance. These Pool Fence Types must be designed in ways that children cannot climb up the bars. Although mesh and glass fences have increasingly replaced them, many homeowners prefer wrought iron pool fencing for their classic appeal and aesthetics. However, you should be ready to spend more on these fences.

As you see, there are multiple alternatives we can find.  If you aren’t sure about de pool fence that suits your swimming pool, give us a call   (954) 406-4344

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