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The Pool of My Dreams

The diversity of swimming pools available today is such that there is one for each project, both in terms of materials and finishes as well as shapes, dimensions and accessories. El Mueble magazine has compiled the 50 best swimming pools that have come out in their previous publications that although they are all in the European continent (this magazine is Spanish) they are swimming pools that can be part of the garden in a home in South West Ranches, Palmeto Bay or Cooper City.

We already agree that Research is essential when determining the type of pool that fits with our property, so, when we are in the research task we find a wide variety of pools. There are Thermal-formed metals or plastics, formwork, liner with galvanized iron structures, removable … And within each of the types we can find many variants.

I share with you the pool models that make me dream and inspire just by looking at them:

Infinity pool

infinity pool edge in fort lauderdale

The pools are increasingly integrated into their environment. Hence we now have this type of pool, whose edge fuses with the landscape, usually the sea, creating a feeling of infinity that unites the two blue.

Building an Infinity Pool is more complicated and expensive than normal construction, but is cleaner thanks to the constant flow of water into the fall canal. Besides they are spectacular pools and they produce a great sense of wellness and relax.

 Side by Side with the lawn

A swimming pool side by side with the lawn of your garden makes access to it very comfortable; also, with this type of pool you achieve a clean and harmonious image. Maintaining it is the best option to avoid costs of pool emptying or recovery with high chemical loads.

Step by Step

The entrance and exit of the pool is easier if there are stairs, be it stone, travertine or metal, the stairs guarantee a comfortable and safe access. Do not forget that having a pool in good condition throughout the year will prolong the life of the filtering system equipment and coatings. At Urban Pool Services our comprehensive maintenance work includes services such as Periodic checkups and assessments, Equipment upgrades, Pump and heater installations, Automatic cleaner tune-ups, Chemical testing. we can handle any task you send our way.

Curvilinear pool

You do not always have to bet on regular forms. A curvilinear pool can take virtually any curvilinear shape; it does not adhere to any typical pool design patterns. It is typically designed around elements in nature or to blend with nature.

Smart Pool

A Smart Pool will give you warnings of unexpected events and reminders for maintenance. For any process that is automated, there is the option to configure the system so that in the event of any unexpected stoppage, temperature increase, etc. a notification is received via email or phone call. Also for the cyclic changes of material, the reminders can be established and the same system warns you.


There are as many types of pools as people willing to enjoy them to the fullest, so they are becoming more personalized and it is convenient to choose a construction system and a coating that has a wide range of designs and colors.

When you have decided on the ideal pool for your garden, remember that there are other very important aspects when carrying out this project:

  • Take measures

The idea is to have a garden with a pool, not a pool with a garden. The standard measure par excellence, if the surface of the garden allows it, is 355.21 ft2 to 538.19 ft2 of surface area.  Swimming pools with more than 538.19 ft2 of surface area are exclusive measures that provide innumerable advantages when the house is occupied by enough people, or in the case of aquatics who want to enjoy and train in their own home.

  • Ask permission

The installation of a swimming pool is subject to a project and a municipal license, which is also the best weapon to have a technical supervision and that is carried out by a professional company such as Urban Pool Services, we’ll work with our team of certified pool designers and builders to get everything in order for you.

  • Where to locate the pool

Always look for the sunniest part of the house and protected from the wind but, at the same time, close to the house, so that it is integrated and accessible.


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