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The Best Pool Filter System for your Pool

To prepare you to choose the perfect pool filter, let’s start with explaining the Importance and Function of the Filter.

Above all the filter and the pump are fundamental to maintain the visual clarity of water and to prevent the transmission of infectious waterborne diseases. 

The filter and pump works together  as one of the Sanitation methods to remove pollutants, Although the experts always emphasize the funtion of  the pump, the vital element is the Filter. All the pump does is to move the water through the filter.

As its name indicate, the filter is there to filter the pool water, this mean that it traps the solid particles in the circulate water to keep it clear and clean.

The filter sizing is directly relating it to the volume of water to treat. Is only when we have chosen the filter size that we can select the pump, moreover is taken in to account when chosen pipelines and equipment.

We can never stress this pointenough; a suitable filter pump convention is the condition for the correct operation of our pool.

Choosing the Perfect Filter for My Pool

There are two criteria to choose the pool filter correctly:

  1. The first is the fine of the filtering, in other words, the size of the dregs the filter can trap, the finest the filtering, the more your water would be cleanand clear.
  2. The second criteria is retention capacity of the quantity of the dregs the filter can contain.

You Should be aware that is capacity that determine how often you need to clean the filter.

In theory choosing a filter is easy but, in reality is a bit more complicate it than it seams

Why is that? Well simple because there is not just one type of filter, there are a lot therefore, they can be grouped into four big families

1.  Sand Filters

Sand filters

This are the most common. The water passes through a bed of sand that retains the particles in suspension. the sand used is a special filtration sand, however we can use other filtering media such as zeolite or crushed glass.

Although the filtration fineness of sand filters between 40 to 50 microns is not exceptional, chemicals such as flocculants can improve it.

Flocculants are contained in a sock that is placed in the skimmer. The dirt particles that the filter could not retain are agglomerated by the flocculant to form a larger mass.

2. Cartridge Filter

Hayward StarClear™ Plus

It has the advantage of filtering well between 20 to 25 micron, been easy to maintain and taking up little space.

How does it work?

The water enters the filterand passes to high performance filter cartridge coming up clean on the other side. For cleaning it is only necessary to take out the cartridge and house it down to deslo the debris.

If the necessary filter dimensions for our pool were correctly calculated, 
 then we only need to repeat this operation, which doesn’t need much water, every month.

At the end of the season, we must to clean thoroughly  the cartridge with a special detergent, knowing that around every 3 years we must to replace the cartridge by a new one.

3. High Capacity Element Filter

Hayward wimClear™ Multi-Element

It is a filter with several cartridges, its large size allows it to retain much more debris and a great advantage is that it only needs cleaning ones per season, with a filtration finesse between 20 and 25 microns, the filter has a large capacity filter, offering the best value for water maintenance.

4. D.E. Filter

Hayward ProGrid D.E. filters

The D.E. Filter works in asimilar way to the Sand Filter however the filter media used is diatomaceous earth.

Diatom is microalgae whoseskeleton made of silica, is an excellent filtering agent, the diatomaceous powders are placed in the Skimmer and agglomerated in the filter panels to form an extremely effective filter mass through which the water passes to come out perfectly clean. The filtration fineness between 3 to 5 microns makes D.E. Filters just exceptional.

When the Filtration system in our pool is not adequate due to we did not pay attention to the fine of the filtering or the filter retention capacity when choosingthe filter for our pool, difficulties started to appear.

If you have had problems related to some element of your pool circulation system, therefore request a free quote at Urban Pool Services, we have the right equipment, skills and products for the job so our services is done with the highest quality of care and responsibility.


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