How much does a Pool Service near me cost?

Cost of Pool service near me varies by company, most charge a standard price of $85 per month, others over $100. These prices depend on the size of the pool and the care conditions it requires (if it is a salt water pool for example the cost is different). Here at Urban Pool Services, we … Read more How much does a Pool Service near me cost?

The Right Turnover Rate For My Pool

One problem that usually makes us seek help is a fault in the pool’s circulation system. Generally, when we have any difficulty in our pool, we immediately ask for advice and technical support from specialists in the area. So, first of all let’s understand that the function of the circulation system is to recover the … Read more The Right Turnover Rate For My Pool

Swimming pool maintenance costs

The maintenance costs of a swimming pool are very variable because of the type of pool you have installed, the water, the products you use to clean it, etc. When looking for the best price for pool maintenance, there are several things you can do to make sure you have chosen the best pool cleaning company … Read more Swimming pool maintenance costs


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