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Swimming Pool Ramp is a Lifesaver for Dogs

Dogs, like children, enjoy the pool, but run the same risks of drowning if we do not establish adequate safety measures, especially in pools without in-ground swimming pool steps. Which is why a ramp is essential.

But, to be honest, we usually we don’t attach importance to the safety of our pets when they’re in the yard.

In summer dogs often spend a lot of time in the garden or backyard. And when we don’t have a fence that prevents children and animals from falling into the pool without the presence of an adult, having a ramp in the pool is vital.

A swimming pool ramp for dogs is a  life-saving accessory indispensable to guarantee the safety of the swimming pool around which there are usually dogs or any other animal, whether they are domestic or not.

A pool ramp will prevent unpleasant surprises. Although pools use to have a ladder to get out of the water very easily, dogs cannot see it when they are swimming.

The pool ramp offers a way out so that misfortune does not happen.

As well as take care of children’s safety near the pool, you should also be on the lookout for pets.

Every year, miles of drowned animals die in this situation, especially puppies and elderly dogs. Usually they cannot leave without help, so they swim until they get tired and end up dying.

Keep in mind that other animals can also fall into the water, either a neighbor’s pet or a wild animal from the city of Doral.

This ramp will not only save the life of your dog in case it accidentally falls into the pool, but also any animal that stumbles on it, facilitating an exit.

Swimming pool ramp is a lifesaver for dogs

even though on the Internet you can find DYS tutorials on how to build a ramp for dogs with less than 50 dollars, in the Market there is a variety of models:


The Skamper Super Ramp

The Skamper Super Ramp is ideal for pets to get in and out of the water. and comes in two sizes

The pet gets their grip by latching their claws into the perforated holes within the ramps surface to pull themselves out of the water safely.

This particular model can maintain maximum capacity weights of up to 150lbs, so would be ideal for small/medium breed sizes of dogs but larger dogs would struggle with the plastic construction.

The WAG Boarding Steps

 This WAG Boarding Steps for Above-Ground Pools is the only design on the market capable of holding the weight of dogs of all sizes. 

it is a fully rounded metallic construction that will provide your pet with an extremely stable entrance or exit to the pool. 

The staircase is designed to cantilever in the water and sits at a 45 degree sloping angle that provides exceptionally dog friendly usage and will prevent any damage being done to the interior lining of your pool as the design prevents it from hitting the sides or bottom of the pool whilst being operated.

The Dog-On Water Ramp 

This is an inflatable, independently floating, water ramp for dogs. It’s constructed of sturdy and long lasting materials that are gentle on dog’s paws, joints and muscles.

This versatile dog water ramp has many uses; as a dog ramp for boats, pontoon boat dog ramp, swimming pool dog ramp, anywhere dog safety and convenience around water is a concern.

Whether you choose one of this or any other or you decide to do it yourself, you should know that once you have installed the ramp in your pool, it is convenient that you teach your dog how to climb.

To do this, you must put it in the water and make it leave the ramp to follow a ball, receive a treat or anything else that pleases its. Do it several times until you see that it uses it without difficulty.

To ensure that a pool is a safe place of relaxation and recreation for family, friends and pets, it is very important to do weekly maintenance. At Urban Pool Services, we are committed to providing you with long-term maintenance that keeps your pool in stellar shape!


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