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Prevent Slips and Falls around the Swimming Pool

Accidents occur wherever we go. We are human and mistakes happen but to limit dangers and hazards we need to pay attention to detail and do our part to prevent injuries. A swimming pool in the backyard is a place of relaxation and recreation but also has the ingredients to become a safety hazard.

Unforgiving concrete decks combined with water can create a danger. Address any low spots in surrounding deck to avoid water from pooling. Certain algae can bloom on the surface of the decking and become a make shift “slip-n-slide”.

In addition to slipping on wet surfaces there are also dangers involved with tripping. Make sure there are no trip hazards around the pool, the only thing worse than tripping is stubbing a toe…OUCH! Customers who own a safety cover secured by anchors that have been drilled into the deck should make sure that when removing cover to recess anchors into the deck completely making them flush.

When the ground shifts it can also make the decking unlevel and account for a trip hazard. Decking can be removed and re-leveled and anchors can be replaced. Extra caution is needed when your pool is emptied or under construction. Always make sure self-latching gates are functioning to avoid unwanted visitors.

prevent slips 1Preventing Slip-and-Fall Injuries:

Common methods for preventing backyard pool injuries include:

  • Ensuring walkways and pedestrian areas are free from obstacles and tripping-hazards
  • Making sure that pool-side walkways have adequate traction and non-slip surface covering
  • Place handrails in dangerous areas
  • Consider fencing or other protective barriers to prevent accidental falls into the pool
  • Place warning signs reminding pedestrians of potential hazards
  • Do not allow people to run or play on slippery surfaces

As a responsible pool owner, here are some common items you will want to have poolside just in case there is a slip or fall:

  • A first aid kit. Whether you bring your first aid kit from the house out to the pool or have a first aid kit that is specific to the pool area, it makes sense to have one handy at all times. Most poolside injuries are minor – bee stings, slivers, a minor cut or scrap, but you should also have a phone handy in case you need to call for medical assistance. We recommend having your smartphone with you in the event you need to make a call.
  • Urge everyone to wear shoes or flip flops with nonskid soles when they are poolside. Chances are, everyone will want to be barefoot when they’re by the pool, but that isn’t the safest option.
  • Make sure there are no trip or fall hazards around the pool and the deck. Don’t leave toys by the side of the pool. Make certain that pool furniture is back far enough that someone can comfortably walk between it and the pool.
  • If you have a beach entry pool or any kind of pool steps there should be a handrail for added safety.
  • If you’re having a poolside party, try not to carry too many items at once. You also don’t want to have glass items poolside, if they break it could lead to an injury.

Most swimming pool safety steps are a matter of common sense. Reinforce the rules of the pool throughout the course of the Broward County swim season and everyone will be assured a fun, safe time.


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