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The Best Pool Service Near Me in 2020

We know how difficult it is to get a pool company to do a good job. Ideally, when you Google “pool service near me” you will find a pool company that will keep your pool completely clean and tidy at all times, so you can enjoy it whenever you want, whether it be with your partner, your friends or your family.

Urban Pool Services is located throughout South Florida. Give us a call! 1 Month of Pool Service for $29

In South Florida many houses have swimming pools, as well as houses with jacuzzis. Both of them need specific care to keep them in perfect condition and functioning. Care that only people with such knowledge can carry out.

When you look for “Pool Service near me”, you will find Urban Pool Services

Urban Pool Services is the #1 pool company in quality pool services, jacuzzi cleaning, pool and patio construction and remodeling. In addition to having a great catalog of services that we will describe below, we have offices in each of the cities of South Florida in order to provide the best attention to all our customers by having a pool service near you.

These are the Cities Where We Provide Pool Service:

North Miami, Fl

Miami Shores, Fl

Doral, Fl

Miami Lakes, Fl

Palm Springs North, Fl

Hialeah, Fl

Hialeah Gardens, Fl

Miami Springs, Fl

West Miami, Fl

Coral Terrace, Fl

North by Village, Fl

Westchester, Fl

Glenvar Heights, Fl

Fontainebleau, Fl

Country Club, Fl

Coconut Creek, Fl

Cooper City, Fl

Coral Springs, Fl

Coral Gables, Fl

Dania Beach, Fl

Davie, Fl

Deerfield Beach, Fl

Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Hallandale, Fl

Hollywood, Fl

Lauderdale Lakes, Fl

Lauderhill, Fl

Margate, Fl

Miramar, Fl

North Lauderdale, Fl

Oakland Park, Fl

Pembroke Pines, Fl

Plantation, Fl

Pompano Beach, Fl

Sunrise, Fl

Tamarac, Fl

Weston, Fl

Wilton Manors, Fl

As you can see, when you search for “pool service near me” you will find that our pool service is located very close to you for when you need us, either to clean your pool or to build or remodel your pool or patio.

What Pool Services are Offered near me?

The services we offer at Urban Pool Services cover everything your pool could possibly need to stay clean and in perfect condition, that’s why when you google “pool service near me” we are the choice of excellence.

Pool truck of Urban Pool Service

Our services:

Weekly Pool Service Cleaning and Maintenance

Pool and Patio Construccion

Pool and Patio Remodeling

Custom Swimming Pool

Weekly Pool Service Cleaning and Maintenance

Weekly pool service near me by Urban Pool Services

To keep your pool clean at Urban Poool Services we have a fully trained and certified pool care staff. As we said at the beginning of this article, swimming pools need specific care to keep them in perfect conditions, for this reason it is very important that the people who perform this care must be trained people or have real knowledge of the subject or could cause damage to the infrastructure of the pool.

In our Weekly Pool Service Cleaning we clean the filter and the walls of the pool, vacuum the bottom to remove any dirt particles that may be lodged there, pass the net inside and on the surface of the pool to remove all types of debris, leaves and insects that may be floating in the water, We empty and clean the baskets, skimmers and water returns, check the operation of the pool equipment (pumps, filters, heaters and pipes) and add special chemicals to prevent the proliferation of algae, stains or black spots inside the pool. In addition, we check and balance the pH level of the water.

All tools and chemicals are included.

All the appliances and tools we will use to clean your pool, as well as the chemicals we will use, are on our own. Chlorine, disinfectants, algaecides, specialty chemicals At Urban Pool Services we take care of everything so you only have to worry about having fun with your family.

—> 1 Month of Pool Service for $29* <—

Whether you are looking for pool service near me in Fort Lauderdale, pool service near me in Miami, pool service near me in Doral, or pool service near me in Florida, you will always find us.

Pool and Patio Construccion

Qualified Team of Pool Builders near me

Urban Pool Services is the best Pool Builder in South Florida and close to you. For the construction of your pool, you will have a team of workers, architects, designers, certified and insured pool builders.

Our team will advise you from the first moment, we will discuss which is the best size for your pool, the best materials and we will design with you the 3D model of your pool for free so you can see how your yard and pool will look like when the pool construction work is finished.

All necessary permits and machinery are included.

You don’t have to worry about permits, excavators, panels or any other requirements needed to build a pool, we at Urban Pool Services are Pool Builders that include all the equipment, and we make sure to comply with all the necessary permits. Building your pool is our main goal.

Pool and Patio Remodeling

You dream it and we make it happen! For the remodeling of your pool, you can also count on our team of workers, architects, designers and builders certified in the construction and remodeling of pools. In addition, we will design the 3D model of your pool for free so you can see how your patio and pool will look like when the pool construction work is finished.

The Best Materials for your Pool Remodeling

When we start the remodeling of the pool, we always do it taking as a starting point your expectations, then we select the best materials, with the highest quality and we use them during the whole remodeling process.

We know that a remodeling project can be stressful, that’s why in all our projects we take control of the logistics and have all the required permits and machinery. You will only have to worry about what to wear to enjoy your new pool once it is ready.

Custom Swimming Pool

Don’t just stick with the conventional, if you are going to remodel do it with the design that you like the most, in Urban Pool Services we design personalized pools to the liking of our clients. Pools with fountains, pools with lights, pools with waterfalls, infinity edge pools and many more.

We take care of every detail, including permits.

Don’t worry about the construction permits for your pool, we will take care of all the paperwork and procedures for its construction, your only task will be to agree with our architects and designers about the design you want and we will make it a reality for you with the best materials.

Designing a custom pool has many advantages, one of them is that you will be the envy of your friends for the original design and finish that your pool will have when the work is finished. Another advantage is that you will add a lot of value to the property, not to mention the spectacular view that will make your patio look like new.

Find us when looking for Pool Service near me in any city in South Florida

We are the Best Pool Service in South Florida

If you are looking for a professional pool service company, Urban Pool Services is your safe choice. All of our workers are trained and certified to service your pool needs. Besides we serve all South Florida cities so if you are looking for pool service near me in Fort Lauderdale, pool service near Miramar, pool service in Miami, pool service around Coral Springs, or any other city, there we will be offering you the best attention and quality in Pool Services.

Pool Service Near Me Cost

How much can the pool service near me cost?

The cost of the monthly pool service fee varies between $80-$90, depending on the company the cost may be higher.

Companies usually do price reduction promotions to attract customers, however many of these so-called promotions are scams where they end up charging you the same $90 and even more for the pool service, by adding certain additional costs that were not included in the promotion or service.

pool service near me 7

An example of these additional costs in the pool service near me is the cost of the chemicals. In the pool cleaning service it is not necessary to use chemicals such as chlorine to keep the water healthy, but there are other chemicals that must be added to the water, among these we can mention algaecides and other disinfectants.

Many pool companies do not include the cost of these chemicals in their “promotions”, which can make the cost of the service no longer a real bargain. In addition, every time you apply chemicals to the water including chlorine, you should measure the pH level of the water, check that the values are stable and if not, balance it.

This pH test of the water is more daily than it seems, it should be done in every visit and be included as part of the cost of the pool service, however there are companies that do not see it this way they do this as an additional service, which translates into an additional pool service cost.

As you could read above in this same article, all chemicals used during each service are on our account. At Urban Pool Services what we are most interested in is to provide you with a clean and healthy pool, that is why both the chemicals and the pH test to know if your pool water is balanced, as well as the chemicals that are added in quantities that only our pool service technicians know, have no additional cost.

1 Month of Pool Service for $29

Like many pool service companies, we also have promotions. But the reasons that differentiate us from all others are our professionalism and all our technical staff trained to meet all the needs of your pool, our promotion cost includes all the chemicals that will be used during each service, and finally, we serve all cities in South Florida, so when you look from your cell phone, tablet or your pc, pool service near me, pool service cost, or pool service near me cost, no matter what city you are in (Miami, Doral, Fort Lauderdale, Surnise, Tamarac, etc.) We’ll be there!


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