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How much does a Pool Service near me cost?

Cost of Pool service near me varies by company, most charge a standard price of $85 per month, others over $100. These prices depend on the size of the pool and the care conditions it requires (if it is a salt water pool for example the cost is different). Here at Urban Pool Services, we handle a base rate that includes everything*, but read on for more details.

And if you’re wondering if it’s hard to clean the pool yourself and save that money?. Yes, cleaning a pool is a job you can do yourself as long as you have the knowledge and the right tools for the job. However, this is not what we recommend, because, why do it yourself if we in Broward and Miami Dade counties are here to help you clean and maintain your pool, wouldn’t you rather use that cleaning time to relax and enjoy yourself. Think about it.

It has to be said! Some pool services near me will charge you extra!

Pay attention to the small print. Some pool service companies near me may charge you extra (we don’t), because it’s true, sometimes prices vary depending on the state of the pool, if the pool is green, if it has black spots, if it has leaks, or for some other reasons. These pool maintenance costs are different in each company, we believe VERY different. However, our cost of full pool service near you is fixed, with no hidden extras.


In many companies the cost of pool chemicals can exceed the monthly cost of the service. However, at Urban Pool Services all chemicals used in the cleaning of your pool will be on our account! You will not be charged for unused or extra chemicals on your bill.

What about the offers of Pool Service near me?

Many pool service companies make eventual promotions and discounts. How Free cleaning (with conditions), discounts by percentage, etc. Here at Urban Pool Services we are pioneers in these promotions, and today we have for new customers 1 month of pool service for only $29*. Yes! $29.

We also have the referral promotion. If you have a friend who needs a clean or new pool, refer your friend and you can even earn discounts. Click here to refer.

$29 for 1 month of Pool Service + 1 month free

And finally our new promotion, besides paying the first month at $29. If you stay with us for 6 months (which we know will happen), the 7th month’s payment will be Totally Free. Oh, yeah!

So you have an idea of what it costs, what other companies do, and what we offer here. What do you say we start bringing your pool to life today? Contact us, request a free quote and let’s get to work!


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