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Pool Resurfacing is the Solution for the Renovation of Your Pool

The Renovation of a Swimming Pool can be due to several reasons:

1. You want to give it a new look

2. You want to enlarge its size

3. You want to add a fountain, a waterfall or a spa

However, another common reason for pool renovation is that it is time to change the pool liner for a new one, with a more attractive design and better quality materials.

How do you know it’s time to rejuvenate your pool?


Just as the floor and walls of a house need maintenance from time to time to maintain their conditions, the interior lining of a pool also needs it, however unlike the first two, the interior lining of a pool is constantly exposed to different elements and chemicals that gradually wear their surface leaving them hollow stains, chips and cracks.

This wear on the surface of the pool compromises the impermeable membrane of the pool causing filtrations towards the surroundings of the pool, decrease in the water level of the pool and many other problems that can end up becoming additional costs out of the budget.

It is for this reason that the best solution for this or other reasons why you want to rejuvenate your pool is to start with a pool resurfacing, with which you will give life to your pool with a beautiful and original design, save a lot of money and future problems, increase the cost of your property by making your pool more attractive and enjoy a practically new pool.

The most commonly used materials in pool resurfacing are:

  • Gypsum pool

Most new pools are coated with pool gypsum, that a cement mixed with marble sand or limestone. It is the most economical choice for pool surfaces and usually lasts about 7 years.

  • Pebble Finishes

Pebble finishes are a mixture of gypsum and mixed cement. The addition of pebbles makes them more durable and stain resistant than plaster alone. Pebble finishes can be harsher and cost twice as much as normal plaster, however this type of resurfacing lasts more than 12 years.

  • Fiberglass

Prefabricated pools made of fiberglass must be re-lined with fiberglass, which is a polymer that is complemented with a polyester resin.

  • Diamond Brite

Diamond Brite is one of the best and most recommended options for repaving your pool. Diamond Brite is made with a combination of natural quartz aggregate, polymer-modified cement and quartz diamonds in an impressive variety of colors.

Diamond Brite Pool Resurface

Unaffected by harsher pool chemicals or permanent stains. In addition, quartz accent colors do not rust, fade or fade like any other color additive because the pigment is ceramic bonded to the quartz additive.

The great advantage and why we at Urban Pool Services recommend Diamond Brite to resurface your pool is because you will get a beautiful, durable pool finish and a non-slip surface.

When you renovate your pool with Diamond Brite, you will get a beautiful but durable pool finish and a non-slip surface.

Leave the rejuvenation of your pool in the hands of experts!

Resurfacing a pool is a job that must be done by professionals in the area, because if a mistake is made, the final result will leak and you must repeat the entire process causing you to lose money and materials. In addition to being a task of many hours and must be performed by several people.


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