Pool Construction Process in Fort Lauderdale Part 1

Part 1

You’ve already decided to have a pool at home, well you should know that a pool construction project is something that doesn’t happen overnight.

Building a swimming pool takes time. Weeks, even months, depending on the size and type of the pool, are necessary especially when you want to make big changes in it to have the pool of your dreams.

Step by step, all the phases of construction of a swimming pool

During planning, building and assembling process of your backyard paradise you must get used to the somewhat disturbing sound made by the people who work in the construction of your pool.

However, it is important to know that when you hire the best pool builders in Fort Lauderdale,  we work to reduce interruptions in your daily lives, and always eliminate all waste, keeping their property as clean and clear as possible.

In the previous post we made it clear that before the excavator starts digging, there are a number of steps we must take. On this article we´ll focus on the stages of the pool building process that come after we have excavated the hole that will become your home oasis.

The formwork

Due to the high levels of groundwater in the State of Florida, when building an inground pool, the pool area should be over-excavated as there is a high probability of wall detachment. 

When the soil test shows the presence of water table, we need to add piling to support the pool shell.

Once the excavation phase is completed, our team proceeds to place formwork (which is necessary due to the over-excavation) to create the pool shape.  Then we install the steel-tex, a steel re-enforced waterproof membrane that helps to steady the excavated pool area  and, besides, supplies a secure backing when the concrete is pneumatically applied.

swimming pool formwork and steel backbone

Steel Shell, Grounding & Bounding

At this stage we reinforce the pool shape by placing steel bars horizontally and vertically to create a rigid contour grid that serves as the main support structure of the pool, in other words, its vertebral column.

On this point we take care of the pool bonding which is the process where the electrical and metallic components of the pool are linked together with a copper wire to form a non-resistive path between the components. The purpose of bonding is to connect, contain and prevent the transmission of any harmful electrical voltage to pool equipment, people and pets.

Bonding connects the pool’ s electrical and non-electrical metal components into a network that contains the electricity. The low impedance path back to the power source allows the harmful current to flow and trip the breaker at the panel.

Without a bonding system in place, you might conduct stray electrical current when touching the metal pool rail or pool water.

Bonding and grounding work together

While bounding prevent the transmission of any harmful electrical voltage to pool equipment, people and pets, Grounding connects the pool’s electrical network to the electrical panel and then to the earth to direct and dissipate excess electricity.

Without a grounding system in place, people or pool equipment may become the conductor. Harmful electrical current may move toward people, pets, or equipment instead of moving away into the earth.

Plumbing and Equipment Installation

Once the structural steel has been installed into the excavated shape, it’s time for our plumbing team to take action.

In less than two days our team proceeds to install lines from the main drain and skimmer as well as pool lights niche. This phase also includes all other lines needed for waterfalls, cleaning systems, waterfalls and any other enhancements.

In addition, the circulation, heating and filtration system equipment that you have chosen will be installed in the location shown in your Final Construction Plan.

Pre Gunite Inspections

After we’ve finished plumbing and equipment installation, we’ll undergo inspections required by law. We notify the Building Department and arrange for inspections as required by local laws at each required stage of construction. By law, work must come to a standstill until the Building Inspector approves the job.

Obviously, we cannot tell you exactly when to expect the Inspectors visit, but under normal circumstances, you should expect the inspection to be done within a day or two from the date of the request. Please realize, however, that in some cases it may take quite a bit longer.

As you have read so far, the pool construction work is full of details beyond the disturbing sound and debris made by the people who work in the construction of your dream oasis. This is a job that must be done by professional pool builders

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