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Pool Circulation Systems

To enjoy sparkling clean pool water in Weston Fl, (as I seed in previous post), every pool requires the combination of three fundamental aspects: circulation systems; physical cleaning and chemical treatment.

The first of these three fundamental elements is the pool circulation system which may be differently designed and installed depending on the shape and size of the pool, but the basics are similar, and having a good understanding is the key to good maintenance and optimum operation.

In a pool circulation system, the water is drawn from the pool through skimmers and drains by a centrifugal pump. The water passes through a basket in the skimmer and in front of the pump to remove large debris before it gets to the pump’s impeller. The pressure created by the pump’s impeller forces the water through a filter which intercepts any debris not caught by the baskets. In some cases, the filtered water is treated and heated before it is returned to the pool. This system of collection, treatment, and return of pool water is repeated over and over to ensure the water is clean, pleasant, and safe for your family and guests.

Given that every pool must have a pool circulation system that is responsible for cleaning, let’s talk about its essential elements:


  • Skimmers: which are suction mouths or sumps installed in sides of pool at the water line, whose purpose is creates surface tension, drawing water to the pool plumbing system to intercept & remove debris
  • Main drain: located in the bottom of pool and has the objective of provides pool water to the pump & improves water circulation within the pool.
  • Filter: is the main mechanism for cleaning and purifying water, and plays a crucial role in keeping water crystal clear and suitable for bathing. Sand filters are the most common and, at the same time, they are also those that require less maintenance. The water is cleaned by passing through a sand deposit. As the water is filtered, dirt particles get trapped in the filter bed before the water is returned to the pool. This system allows an operation called anti-flushing of the filter. By manipulating the keys, we can invert the direction of water circulation in the filter and thereby expel the materials retained in the filter to the drain.
  • Pump: is the other essential element for the filtration system of the pool. Most pumps are self-priming, which means that when they are started, they will fill themselves with water without the help of the user. The pumps can be of different powers, depending on the size of the pool and the amount of liters of water that must pass through the filtration system. This will determine the electric power of the pump to choose from. The pool pump has a motor that rotates at a high speed. At the other end there is a turbine (impeller) that is activated by the pump motor.
  • Chlorinator, Chlorine, generator, sanitizer, ozonator, heater: located after the filter (equipment varies with each pool) (chlorinator is after the filter and heater). cleans and treats filtered water before it enters the pool
  • Returns: Pool water returns are places in the pool where water comes back in from the circulation system. A typical pool has two or three returns depending on the pool size. The return is usually a 1 1/2″ threaded opening that may have a directional eyeball that screws into it, (directional eyeballs are used to “aim” the water thereby enhancing proper water circulation within the pool).

When the parts of the pool circulation system are not working, the whole system breaks down. This can be compared to your body’s circulatory system – when your heart, lungs, or systemic circulation is not working, the body’s circulatory system breaks down.

Enjoy sparkling clean pool water by maintaining your pool circulation system with the help of Urban Pool Services, we  not only have years of experience in repairs and installation but we also have a wide array of top-notch tools and equipment that are necessary to achieve the kind of results that best serve you. It’s our goal to make sure that you receive helpful and adequate pool services from our team.


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