Natural Swimming Pool in Pompano Fl, Yes or No?

Whenever we seek to renew our spaces at home we want to do something innovative or that is in trend, the tonality of the colors, if we want to paint the walls, design and styles if we want to change the furniture or the kitchen. And when renovating our swimming pool, in Pompano we also want the best, usually we start looking for alternatives to what we already know or have at home.

We commonly change building materials for the pool basin like gunite to formwork, fiberglass or thermal-formed. Some more sophisticated people turn their pool into a smart pool, but lately I’ve heard about the natural pool.

A natural pool is a swimming pool where no chemicals are used for its purification, this process is done by means of plants that help to oxygenate and eliminate the nutrients that could allow the spread of algae and other undesirable microorganisms, such as mosquito larvae. It is not a sterile medium, since there are bacteria that are in an ecological balance.

Natural pools are a trend in European countries such as Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands and are basically constructed as follows:

When the soil is excavated, the soil is outlined and foreign bodies such as roots and stones are removed, then the base of the pit is covered with sand and then a protective layer of roots and perforations is extended followed by the installation of the waterproofing layer, the system of drive pump and filter. The next step is the concrete work in the most humid areas, such as stairs. Then the first filling with water, execution of the banks and planting vegetation in the filtering areas. Although the biological balance does not stabilize completely until after two or three years, the pool can be used from the start.

The main attractions of these natural pools are:

  1. It gives you the sensation that you bathe in a lake because you can also have fishes, not as an ornament but to work with the plants in the purification.
  2. Say goodbye to allergies and skin problems due to chloramines since it does not require color or chemical agents
  3. As the plants are living organisms, they feed on the microorganisms in the pool all year round, which eliminates the expense of purification products.
  4. They are integrated into the landscape of our garden and adapt to all types of terrain.

Now, although everything seems idyllic in a natural pool…

Drawbacks to be taken into account:

  1. It is very important to calculate the number of bathers and intensity of use since the plants and fish that do the work of purifying the water may not cope. More use means more dirt.
  2. The space that requires a natural pool is much greater than that of a chemical pool since it has two areas, the swimming area and the water purification area. As a minimum you must have an area of 25 m2 and an average depth of 2.2 meters.
  3. Urine is another issue to consider since plants and fish do not eliminate urine, and we know that not all bathers, especially children, leave the pool when they want to urinate, so that will remain in the water.

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