Keeping the pool water in perfect condition

If you want to keep your pool in perfect conditions to ensure your comfort, protect your equipment, and keep it clean and safe for everyone to enjoy,  is essential the combination of three fundamental aspects:

  1. Filtration

Every pool requires a good filtration and circulation system. The filter plays a very important role, even when turbidity is generated as a result of a chemical imbalance. By correctly removing a large part of the turbidity, a fully functional filter allows the water to remain transparent to encourage uninterrupted use of the pool. When it works properly, the filter manages to remove virtually any particle from the water. These particles of earth and residues are the product of environmental consequences or are left by bathers. When they do not filter properly, they cause the water to become cloudy.


The circulation helps to take all the water from the pool to the filter to clean it, in addition to ensuring that the chemicals that have been added are distributed evenly throughout the pool. It would not do much for the chlorine to concentrate on the lower part of the pool while the bacteria and algae that we need to eliminate are in the deep part of it.

  1. Physical cleaning:

The physical cleaning covers mainly four concepts

  1. Cleaning of floating garbage: This is done by using a special tool called a pool skimmer, to removed, as often as possible; all that floating particles that get into your pool every single day.
  2. Brush floors and walls: To remove dust, dirt, even algae and mold, to be able to remove them through the filter, vacuum or even with the help of chemical treatment.
  3. Aspirate the dirt accumulated in the bottom: either direct to the filter so that it stays there or when the dirt is abundant or very thin (that the filter does not reach to retain) direct to the drain, so as not to saturate the filter excessively or not return to the pool fine dirt (which the filter does not hold).
  4. Clean the baskets of the skimmers and the motor trap of the motor pump: It should be done regularly, because if they become saturated with leaves or garbage, the circulation of the water will be deficient and therefore the filtration and the efficiency of the chemical
  5. Chemical Treatment:

The pool and its equipment are better protected if we maintain an adequate chemical balance of the water. Since this avoids a wide variety of possible problems, including the formation of tartar and stains, colored or turbid water, corrosion of the surface of the pool and equipment, and to ensure the correct performance of the disinfectant that is is using.

There are five chemical factors that affect the water quality, the most important is the pH whose ideal level oscillates between 7.2-7.8; Total alkalinity should be maintained between 80 and 120 ppm; Calcium hardness should fluctuate between 100 and 400 ppm; Minerals producing spots should be absent; and the ideal level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is between 250 and 1500 ppm.

At Urban Pool Services, we understand how important is to keep your pool water in perfect condition. We use only the most save and effective tools and products to do periodic cleaning services that leave your pool looking spotlessWe utilize only the most safe and effective tools and products


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