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Some ideas for a Pool Party

A pool party is the perfect summer celebration in Fort Lauderdale. You can play water games, eat plenty of snacks and spend time with friends and family. Here are some ideas to organize a party at the pool for a birthday or a holiday, or just to celebrate summer.

The first step to organizing a pool party is to choose a theme. Style the party by incorporating themed decorations and party supplies that will make a splash. Here are some of my favorite pool party themes:


  • Beach/Surfer: Make waves with cute and beachy votive candles and tabletop accents that will elevate your pool party from an ordinary gathering. Add surfer-rock selections to the party music playlist to give off those good vibes.
  • Luau: Whisk away to the tropics by incorporating fruity flavors and aromas into the party palate while dancing the hula under flickering tiki torchlight.
  • Nautical: Anchors away with bold stripe patterns and nautical motifs scattered in unassuming places like porch pillows and side tables.
  • Pink Flamingo: Have your yard properly “flocked” 24 hours before the party for classic retro-inspired fun, and personalize pink flamingo sunglasses as a cute party favor.
  • Colors: Invite your guests to wear coordinated swimwear according to the theme colors, like black & white polka dots or metallic gold.

Step 2, pool party invitations. Be original and creative when preparing invitations related to the theme of the party, containing images or drawings of floats, swimsuits and everything you can think of. Do not forget to indicate on the cards that guests can go for a bathing suit, water shoes, towel, hat or cap and sunscreen.

Step 3, is food, the best is to prepare a light and simple menu, you can prepare a buffet that includes cold appetizers, buns with hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. A very easy and quick idea to do that turns out to be a success at any summer party. Make sure, in addition, to have enough pool supplies available for use and enjoyment of the guests as well as some extra towels in case someone forgets. It is also important that cold water is available for guests who want to refresh themselves, even if you plan to serve other drinks.

It is essential to have adequate furniture so that guests are comfortable at all times. The best thing is to have hammocks, reclining chairs and tables necessary to serve food and drink. Also, make sure you have a safe space where your guests can leave their belongings.

In case the party lasts until the night, a good idea is to place some torches around the pool to light the place well.

These are just some pool party ideas to get you started on the path to throwing a soiree that will be talked about for years to come! But do not stop here. There are so many other great pool party ideas out there!…and remember, before any pool celebration  your must have your pool water in perfect condition.

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