Ideal size of a swimming pool

We already talked about the different pool shape but, another concern when we are thinking on build a swimming pool is it size.

When thinking about the ideal size of a pool in Miami Dade,  one would have to take into account the surface area (the visible surface of the water layer) and the depth. Regarding the surface area, it must be known that:

  1. Pools of 193,75 ft2 of surface area or smaller: could only be classified as splash pools or “soaking” not being suitable for swimming. They have the advantage that maintenance is very low due to the low volume of water. They are only advisable when the conditions of space are imposed.
  2. Pools of 204.51 to 344.45 ft2 of surface area. Ideal for second homes or small families (you have to count the “extras” that are added to a family: friends, neighbors, relatives, etc …). It is one of the most common measures, and the maintenance is quite low so there should be no impediment for the most modest pockets. It does not allow swimming with ease, but it is an excellent measure to take a good bath with comfortable exercises.
  3. Pools of 355.21 ft2 to 538.19 ft2 of surface area. They are the measures that are imposed more every day. These sizes already allow a good stretch of swimming (if the length is 32,8 ft), being a “sport” for the delight of the owners (and the usual “extras” that are always added …)
  4. Swimming pools with more than 538.19 ft2 of surface area. They are exclusive measures that provide innumerable advantages when the house is occupied by enough people, or in the case of aquatics who want to enjoy and train in their own home. In our case, pools of more than 50m2 are usually requested by owners of high purchasing power, in whose homstead a smaller pool would not be well integrated.

Ideal size of a swimming pool

The second factor to evaluate is the depth of the pool, which will be determined from personal tastes to special conditions such as medical ones. Sometimes the practical depths of a pool occur as with shoes: you have to choose the right size.

There are some general guidelines to helping you determine what size would work best for you. Check out these tips:

  1. Shallow areas, which are essential for young children are typically 98,42 ft to  164 ft deep.
  2. For lap pools, which swimmers use for training or exercise, are at least 4-5 feet deep throughout.
  3. Lap pools are usually 25 yards long.

Always keep in mind that the factor size/depth, apart from making the price of the construction/installation of the pool vary, will also affect the long-term costs of maintaining it.

You have to evaluate all the pros and cons before deciding on one size or another. In the end, it is you, who decides which depths are more practical for your case.

Finally, whenever you have any questions go to a professional who will guide you, he should advise you in addition to other factors, such as the costs of excavation or groundwater levels.

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