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What is a Good Size Swimming Pool in 2021?

When we are thinking of building a pool in our backyard, the most important issue for homeowners in South Florida is What is a Good Size Swimming Pool? What is the best swimming pool size for home? or What is the best size pool for backyard?.

Before starting our pool construction project some important questions about average pool size and shape come to light, and this must be answered with no doubt before the excavator starts digging the ground.

The shape we should choose.

While it is true that our pool design will depend mainly on the land and the use that will be given, it is also true that the shapes of the pools are what most aesthetically impacts the owners and visitors in Miami Dade and Broward.

The grace and harmonious integration of the forms with the environment makes some pools more pleasing to the eye than others, so it is advisable to take them into account as it is usually one of the few points in which the property fully intervenes.

In other words, before choosing the shape we want, not only do the aesthetic and personal tastes of each one matter, but we must also keep in mind the characteristics of the land where the pool will be located, as well as its shape and dimensions.

Another aspect to consider is that going out of the traditionally rectangular shapes of a pool usually results in a small increase in the final cost, this is reasonable since a rectilinear pool is easier to build, however, the price difference does not have to be disproportionate.

In gunite pools, there is generally an increase of 5 to 15%, depending on the complexity of the shapes. However, it is a worthwhile investment, especially if you remember that the pool must live a long time.

Facing the pool shape interrogation, a swimming pool standard size for home by their form is:

Rectangular pools

what is a good size swimming pool 1

Geometrically shaped pools are typically more formal in nature. The straight edges of geometric pool shapes are what give them the formal design.

The rectangle was one of the most common shapes in early pool design. Its long, straight and narrow design is ideal for swimming laps. A rectangle with rounded corners (oval shape) is also a popular design that tends to tone down the formality

In this category there are derivatives, pools that are based on the rectangular shape but are presented in the form of “L”, “T” or “U”.

what is a good size swimming pool 2

Square swimming pools

They are not very common because they tend to be impractical. This type of design is usually used when one of the sides is attached to a wall of the main house, for example.

What is a Good Size Swimming Pool

Kidney shaped

A Kidney shaped swimming pool might be a great option for your backyard pool. This is similar to a long oval with an indentation on one side. It is a popular choice because it is conducive to nearly any size of backyard space. Without the crisp lines of a geometric-type pool, the kidney-shape tends to look more natural.

what is a good size swimming pool 3

Freeform Pool

A free-form pool can have virtually any curvilinear shape; it does not adhere to any typical pool design pattern. the pool is typically designed around elements of nature or to blend in with nature. it is also chosen to incorporate landscaping elements such as the provision of pool area entrances for palm trees or shrubs.

what is a good size swimming pool 4

Roman & Grecian Pools

This pool styles are modified classic rectangles. The shape uses mirrored   formal elements found in ancient art providing more sophisticated look. The Roman Pool has stylized corners and rounded ends while Grecian Pool has cut corners forming an octagon.

Pool Designs Professional

Figure 8

Figure-8 shape swimming pools are grate for families or those who want a pool to work for many activities. It provides a nice separate for a shallow area ideal for young children to enjoy activities, with a separate deep area that give the children the obvious perception of were the deep area begins.  

When it comes to sizes of swimming pools for home, we must take into account both the surface and the depth

If you still have doubts and you are still thinking about what is a good pool size good, whether we are remodeling our pool as if we are building it from scratch, to get a perfect area to fully enjoy it all year round, we should choose the surface of our pool according to this classification:

Custom Pool Remodeling Florida

Pools of 193,75 ft2 of surface area or smaller

Could only be classified as splash pools or “soaking” not being suitable for swimming. The Construction of a this size pool, have the advantage that maintenance is very low due to the low water volume. They are only advisable when the conditions of space are imposed.

Ideal Size of a Pool

Pools of 204.51 to 344.45 ft2 of surface area

This is the ideal pool size for second homes or small families, counting the “extras” that are added to a family, such as friends, neighbors, relatives, etc …), this size It is one of the most common measures, and the maintenance is quite low, so there should be no impediment for the most modest pockets. It does not allow swimming with ease, but it is an ideal size to take a good bath with comfortable exercises.

what is a good size swimming pool 5

Pools of 355.21 ft2 to 538.19 ft2 of surface area

This are the pool size that are imposed more every day. These constructions already allow a good stretch of swimming (if the length is 10 meters), being a “sport” for the delight of the owners (and the usual “extras” we mentioned before).

what is a good size swimming pool 6

Swimming Pools with more than 538.19 ft2 of surface area

This construction provides innumerable advantages when the house is occupied by enough people, or in the case of aquatics who want to enjoy and train in their own home. In our case, Pool Construction of more than 50m2 are usually requested by owners of high purchasing power, in whose farms a smaller pool would not be well integrated.

As we mention before, the other issues when it comes to the right size swimming pool is its depth, which will be determined from personal tastes to special conditions such as medical ones.

Sometimes the practical depths of a pool occur as with shoes, you have to choose the right pool size

There are some general guidelines to help you determine what size would work best for you. Check out these tips:

  • Shallow areas, which are essential for young children are typically 36 inches deep at minimum.
  • For lap pools, which swimmers use for training or exercise, are at least 4-5 feet deep throughout.
  • Lap pools are usually25 yards long.

Always keep in mind that the factor size/depth, besides from making the price of the construction or renovation of the pool vary, will also affect the long-term costs of maintaining it.

we have to evaluate all the pros and cons before deciding on one pool size or another. In the end, it is you, who decides which depths are more practical for your case.

Finally, whenever you have any questions go to a professional who will guide you, he should advise you in addition to other factors, such as the costs of excavation or groundwater levels.

At Urban Pool Services, we specialize in custom residential swimming pool design and inground pool construction for homes across Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Let our experienced team design and build the swimming pool of your dreams, contact us.

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