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How to clean my pool in autumn?

Autumn is the season of the year in which heat and cold coexist equally and our homes, patios and pools are prepared for the arrival of winter.

It is very common that during the winter the pool is not used due to the low temperatures in the environment, however that does not mean that during the fall we will stop taking care of the cleaning of the pool because we can enjoy them until the end of the season.

How to keep our pool clean during the fall?

Performing the pool service during the fall is very important because it will help to maintain the internal health of the pool and the proper functioning of the equipment for when we are going to reactivate the daily use of the pool when spring arrives.

What we must clarify is that the care of the pool will be carried out in a different way, but no less efficient. We must prevent the appearance of algae by avoiding the accumulation of phosphate inside the pool, which is generated by all the external particles brought by the breeze, rainwater and those that we, the swimmers, introduce when using the pool.

How can we eliminate the Phosphate from the pool?

We recommend you to pass the net over the surface of the pool to remove the leaves that fall inside the pool, this can be done at the end of the afternoon or at the beginning of the morning. During this time of the year, leaves are constantly falling all over the pool, which makes netting a very important activity.

Check the pH level of the water to balance it according to the resulting values. Due to all the dust particles, dirt, rain and leaves that fall into the pool, the pH level will always be varying, so you should check it at least once a week to check and correct as necessary.

As you will be using the pool less frequently, it will not be necessary to add the same amount of chlorine as usual. Since the reduced use of the pool will make it last much longer than when we use it continuously.

If you are not really using the pool it is not necessary to keep the equipment on every day of the week. But we do recommend that you turn them on 2 or 3 times a week so that the water is filtered and the pipes and the outlets and returns of the pool are cleaned by its circulation system.

Pool cover in the fall

A good option is to install a pool cover to protect the water from all those particles that can fall into the pool either during the day or at night by the breeze or by the rains that usually fall in this season.

In the same way the covers are also very effective to protect the pool from the proliferation of insects such as mosquitoes which, not having a way to enter, will not be able to reproduce and proliferate.

The fall season is the prelude to the winter season, although many years ago people used to empty their pools completely and skip all these tasks, today with the technological advances and with the power to have pool service companies that can perform these tasks for you, we can extend the enjoyment of our pools until the end of the season. Even more so if our pool has a heater or if we have small children at home who use the pool to have a nice time every day.

If you want to know more about how to take care of your pool during the fall, leave us a comment or write us an email and we will gladly answer your questions.

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