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How Much Does It Cost To Have My Pool Cleaned in 2021?

How much does it cost to have my pool cleaned? or maybe How Much Pool Service Cost in Fort Lauderdale?. As a South Florida homeowner, you may wonder, and you have certainly weighed the pros and cons of owning a swimming pool. And if you’re fortunate enough to have taken the plunge and had your own backyard oasis installed, you know all too well that the benefits almost always outweigh the setbacks. But that’s not to say that a swimming pool is without its costs.

Typically, the regular cost of a monthly pool cleaning service for inground pools is $95 per month.

Of course, no two pools are alike –– and even if they are, some elements require greater attention than others. For this reason it is important to keep in mind that a pool in poor condition has a higher initial cleaning cost than a pool that was in good condition when it was first put into service.

Regardless of your pool situation, proper maintenance is a must. And contrary to popular belief, weekly, monthly –– even annual –– pool service does not have to cost an arm and a leg. It’s all about finding the payment option and frequency that works best for you.

How much does it cost to have my pool cleaned? Pool Cleaning Costs – at a glance

Depending on several factors –– including frequency of use, surrounding areas, size, age of equipment, and location –– you should basically be able to gauge how often you’ll want or need to keep your pool properly cleaned and serviced.

The following figures are general estimates based on research throughout the Miami and Southern Florida area but may differ depending on the specific Pool Services you are after.

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Pool Cleaned?

Weekly Pool Services

If you’ve decided that you simply don’t have the time throughout the week to clean your pool yourself, you can always call in a crew of experts to do it for you. When hiring a professional company to perform weekly cleaning of your pool, you should know the costs –– and what those costs include.

Pool Service packages typically include emptying filters and skimmers, monitoring the water level, adding chemicals (which they provide), testing the water’s chemistry, and observing the chemical levels.

All of these elements ensure that your pool is properly maintained. Expect to pay between $100 – $150 for weekly, or bi-weekly, maintenance, and pool cleaning.

Monthly pool services

Probably the most popular option, homeowners tend to sign up for monthly pool maintenance as opposed to weekly. And while monthly maintenance tends to be a little more involved than weekly, the costs are often slightly lower. Expect to pay between $95 – $110 for monthly maintenance and pool cleaning.

Depending on the services you need, monthly pool service includes a little more than weekly. In addition to the weekly elements listed above, you’ll likely have your water pH tested, algae/dirt brushing, and vacuuming performed. Basic surface skimming can cost extra and is usually charged on an hourly basis.

However, a respectable business (one that wants your long-term patronage) will most likely throw in cleaning for free.

Annual pool services

As you’ve seen, monthly maintenance typically runs you about $100. For twelve months of the year, that’s about $1,200 per year. And this figure is more likely on the lower end of the scale, as you should consider the additional costs of emergency repairs, if necessary.

One bonus: fortunately for pool owners in Miami and the surrounding areas, you do not need to worry about the fees associated with opening or closing your pool. As swimming is a year-round event in southern Florida, these typically annual tasks are unnecessary (since pools never close, they never need to be opened), so you are already ahead of most pool owners, saving yourself hundreds of dollars in annual maintenance fees.

What to Know About Your Pool Before Having it Professionally Cleaned

Pool Service by Urban Pool Service

What type of environment?

You might think that indoor pools cost less to maintain than outdoor pools. And this may be true, depending on which company you choose. Indoor pools –– even when located outdoors and covered by an enclosure or awning –– can come with cleaning costs similar to those of outdoor pools.

Even though outdoor pools are more susceptible to debris, lawn clippings, dirt, and even animals, most professional pool cleaning companies charge based on pool size. However, as a rule, indoor pools typically use about $20 worth of chemicals per month.

Other than that, there is minimal maintenance required. For best results –– indoors or outdoors –– invest in a pool cover (about $1,200 – $3,000 based on pool size) to keep debris from getting into your pool and damaging lining and drains.

What type of pool?

Pools can typically be divided into two categories: in-ground and above-ground. Due to their smaller size and uniform depths, above-ground pools tend to involve less in-depth maintenance when compared to in-ground pools. However, you should expect to pay the same amount to clean and service either pool type because professionals will usually charge based on an hourly rate.

Pools, above-ground and in-ground, both need the sides and bottoms swept (either by a manual brush and skimmer, or an automated vacuum).

Saltwater Pools

Due to the corrosive nature of sodium chloride, saltwater pools tend to require greater routine upkeep, as well as long-term maintenance. It may also shorten the life of equipment like vacuums, heaters, and seals. If you own a saltwater pool, chemicals can cost up to $100 per year, in addition to the routine maintenance fees associated with a freshwater pool.

About every 4 – 8 years, you will also need to replace the salt cell (between $300 – $900). Be sure to advise your chosen company up front –– businesses typically have dedicated service people who specialize in saltwater pools.

Important: Hire the right people, Always Choose the Best Pool Cleaning Company

Urban Pool Services certified personnel cleaning a pool

The difference between hiring a pool boy and a service company is huge. The adage: ‘you get what you pay for’ is never more relevant in situations like this. A pool guy can typically skim your pool, shock the water, and fix your heat pump. And if that’s what you’re in the market for, great –– however, they might damage valuable equipment, resulting in more headaches and costs down the road. A professional service is staffed with technicians you are experts in chemistry, plumbing, and engineering.

Tips for choosing a Good Pool Cleaning Company

  • Check that it is a certified company: many unprofessional companies operate without a pool license. They also hire unlicensed personnel who are not trained to care for your pool.
  • Ask what the service includes: there are companies that do not include certain tasks within the regular pool service, which directly influences pool maintenance costs because they charge separately for each of these tasks.

A standard pool maintenance usually includes:

  1. Skimming
  2. Vacuuming
  3. Brushing
  4. Cleaning and changing cartridges or filter media
  5. Water levels (leak detection)
  6. Maintaining proper chemicals ( chlorine , pH , CYA, muriatic acid )
  7. Impacting the pool
  8. Pool opening and closing (depending on where you are located)
  • Check service areas: many companies claim to cover the entire state to obtain contracts with customers in distant areas, however, it can cause problems for pool owners because these companies tend to default on these services due to the very remoteness of these areas.
  • Check the company’s references: no company is perfect, all of them have good and bad comments, however with the references you will be able to know if the company is what it says it is, if it really exists, and how it treats its clients. Reviews of Urban Pool Services

An established, local business is more likely to employ these types of service people than a national or chain-based company. So, choose wisely. And, as always, do your homework! We hope that you have more clarity about your question of How much does it cost to have my pool cleaned, and also recommend you Call Us for all your pool service needs.


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