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How do you become a Licensed Pool Contractor in the State of Florida?

Being a licensed pool contractor in Florida requires documentation and being certified by the Construction Industry License Board. The Council is responsible for regulating contractors and their performance in the construction industry. For this reason, it is the primary agency for enforcing all laws and regulations in the construction field.

Never hire an unlicensed swimming pool contractor

In no case should you hire an unlicensed contractor, no matter what kind of work you are going to do, being certified by the Council is extremely important. This ensures that the person who will be doing the work is truly a professional in the field of pool construction and assures you that your job will be well done.

Hiring an unlicensed contractor could lead to you investing more money than necessary in your project due to the fact that you are not a licensed contractor. Not to mention that all construction processes and permits may not be done properly, which could result in fines and delays in the completion of your project. In addition, you would have to reapply for all permits and wait until they are approved correctly and satisfactorily.

Types of Contractor’s License in Florida

There are two prime contractor licenses in the state of Florida: The Registration License and the Certification License.

Only when the contractor has obtained a local or municipal license may he or she apply for the initial registration license. When a contractor has been registered by the Board, they may only practice in the city or local area where the permit has been issued. Once the contractor completes and applies for the Florida Contractor’s License Exam, then the Board may allow the contractor to work throughout the state.

Both applications can be accessed at

Pool Contractor

Florida is the state with one of the highest proportions of swimming pools in the country, for that reason, the Board has created new licenses for contractors involved in this business.
The Board now includes specialties such as pool design, structural pool design, excavation, edging, pool deck, pool piping and finishes.

For all these contractor licenses, the state requires a practical test and the applicant must be at least 18 years old. Other information that will be requested relates to the organization’s financial performance, experience, insurance and must pass the test required by the state.

What does a pool construction contractor do?

Pool contractors are companies or individuals charged with carrying out all tasks associated with swimming pools. In the area of pool construction, their responsibilities include

  • Design, installation and repair of swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.
  • Excavation, plumbing and concrete pouring.
  • Evaluation of water loss and discoloration.
  • Placing and joining steel for the pool structure.
  • Placement of shotcrete and cured concrete.
  • Installation of tiles and electrical wiring, lighting.
  • Decking, reach and tiling.
  • Handling of various products including fiberglass, vinyl and metal
  • Maintaining a safe work site.
  • Bidding, site planning, estimating and accounting.

Urban Pool Services is a certified swimming pool contractor licensed to work throughout the state of Florida, our license number is CPC1459020 and we perform swimming pool construction and remodeling work in the South Florida areas.

If you want to build a pool in your backyard or you want to remodel your pool, change the tiles, renew the lining, add lights or repair any cracks you may have, we are the company that will help you make it happen. The free quote. Contact us at (954)406-4344.


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