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How do I prepare my pool for a hurricane?

The hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean is approaching this year 2020, for this reason we think it is important to remind you of the things you should do to prepare your pool and yard before the storm arrives.

Here is a list of tips you can use to prepare your pool before a hurricane.

Never empty your pool

For no reason should you take the water out of your pool before a storm, the empty pool can suffer structural damage.

Do not immerse objects in the pool

Many times we have the idea of storing patio furniture inside the pool, but patio furniture can ruin the finish of the pool because many items are made of metal, these can corrode with water and generate rust stains that are very difficult to remove.

All items such as toys and accessories, pool items and the items you use for pool maintenance should go inside the house.

Turn off pool equipment using the main electrical box switches.

Never turn them on after a storm, especially if it is flooded. Wait for the pool attendant to turn them on. The pump must be completely dry before turning it on.

Disconnect the Pool Pump

If your home is in a coastal area and is likely to experience a lot of flooding, we recommend disconnecting the pump and storing it in the garage.

Do not attach the cover to the pool

Branches that fall on it or are blown by the wind can tear or break it.

Prepare the water chemistry for the storm

Lower the pH to 7.2 and add more chlorine or shock so that the storm water does not affect your pool’s balance or chemistry too much.

Check the drainage areas of the pool

To avoid flooding you should check all the drains in the pool and remove any debris that may be covering them

Clears the water channels

Clean the gutters of leaves and branches, check the place where the water runs to see that they are not obstructed.

Inspect the roof of your house

Inspect your roof and make sure all shingles are attached, otherwise loose shingles may fall into the pool, your yard or perhaps a window.

Put away loose objects

Save all the tools, decorations and furniture that are in your yard, any loose object can become a projectile.

Turn off automatic watering cans

Turn off the automatic sprinkler system in your yard to prevent them from activating after the storm, causing your yard to flood.

Check your trees for rotting roots and branches

Cut off the dead branches. If you have a dead tree you should remove it as it could be thrown into your house or pool by the storm.

Hurricane season tree trimming tips

  • When cutting the trees, LEAVE the horizontal branches, they are better attached to the tree than those growing upwards.
  • Do not cut the tops of the trees or the ends of the vertical branches (Topping Tree), this will weaken the tree
  • Don’t “lion-tail” your trees. This is when small branches are removed from larger ones and all foliage is left at the end of the branch. This will make your trees heavy at the top and increase the chance of them falling over.
  • Do pruning at the beginning of hurricane season to avoid having a bunch of branches that have not been picked up by trash during the storm.
  • Secure the stakes of newly planted trees. And avoid planting any more trees until the end of the hurricane season
  • If you have palm trees at home, remove the leaves that are dry but have not yet fallen.
  • Remove coconuts and seeds from the palms as they can fall and be blown away by the breeze.
  • Take the potted plants inside the house. If you have very large pots, place them in a place protected from the wind, such as under a hedge. You can also collect several pots and tie them together in groups.
  • Remove the safety grate from the pool, however secure they are, the breeze can often blow them away.
  • If you have fruit or vegetable trees that are already ripe, pick them up so they don’t get lost.

If you follow all of these guidelines to secure your pool in this new hurricane season, you will keep your home and family safe and greatly reduce the repair costs that the storm may cause.


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