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Hayward Smart System

Hayward® has developed the “Smart System” concept: offer pool owners a comprehensive range of equipment designed to work together for the best possible results. Each component of the system aims to be the best in its category by offering superior performance and reliabilty and durabilty above market standard.


Hayward® Smart System products have been designed to work together in perfect harmony: maximum efficiency and satisfaction guaranteed. You can enjoy in total safety. The combination of consistent components reduces consumption of water, electricity and consumables


  • Pumps: All the pumps are equipped with exceptionally robust motors of a German design. Impervious to chemical and saline corrosion, their reinforced resin injected casing withstands all treatments including electrolysis. All models are covered by a 2-year guarantee plus a 1-year extension if purchased from an approved Totally Hayward® retailer.
  • Filters: Hayward offers the very latest in pool filter technology ensuring your pool water is clear and clean. Theirs filters’ simple operation and low maintenance requirements set the standard for hydraulic efficiency, performance, value and dependability. All Hayward filters are engineered and designed to deliver reliable, all-weather performance with minimal care on today’s most demanding installations
  • Lights: ColorLogic® LED Pool, Spa and Backyard Lights are designed to illuminate nearly any new or existing swimming pool or spa environment with vibrant color. Choose from 10 solid colors and 7 dynamic, color-changing light shows to compose the perfect theme for any occasion—from romantic evening to backyard bash. With lights available in 4 different sizes and multiple brightness levels, discover how our full selection of lighting products can turn any backyard environment; from the basic to the elaborate into an oasis of color.
  • Salt chlorinators: The Hayward® electrification systems provide a complete response to the problem of water treatment for greater tranquility and pleasure. Reduced salt content, cells with reversed polarity to limit the formation of lime on the electrodes

   Hayward Salt Systems deliver the 3 C’s of salt chlorination

  1. Comfort: You’ll love the unimaginable comfort of silky soft water that won’t turn eyes red, hair green, or dry out skin. The more natural appr3oach to chlorination eliminates harsh chlorine odor and leaves your pool feeling healthier and more luxurious.,
  2.  Convenience: No more lugging heavy buckets and jugs of harsh chemical chlorine. No more constant testing and adjusting of your chemicals. With Salt Chlorination, sanitizing your pool happens automatically by converting ordinary, dissolved salt into chlorine while you sit back and relax
  3. Cost savings: With Salt Chlorination, you will cut your chlorine costs by 50% or more. As a continuous supply of fresh, natural chlorine is constantly circulated throughout your pool, you can expect to drastically cut your chlorine costs over time.
  • Robotic pool cleaners are the ultimate plug and play cleaning solution for most pool shapes, sizes and finishes. They work using the same principle: they have a drive unit that houses 2 electric motors. One drives the tracks that let the machine travel while the other draws water in through the filtration panels. These panels are common to all the automated pool cleaners and, therefore, interchangeable from one model to the next.
  • Heat pump: the most Efficient, ecologically-friendly and cost-effective, it has an outstanding energy performance of between 4 and 5. That is why Hayward® decided to devote all its expertise to the heat pump, offering you yet again the best for your pool.  Heat pumps are incredibly energy efficient at maintaining a constant water temperature and can deliver savings of up to 70% versus a gas heater.

At Urban Pool Services, our technical team has all the experience and specialized equipment to install pool filters, pumps and heaters.  We have the best team of experts who really know all about Hayward® Smart System products in Fort Lauderdale. Contact as


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