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Getting Rid Off Green Algae

In Hallandale Beach, when you have a swimming pool, one of the most common battles is the fight against green algae.  Although algae are not necessarily dangerous in themselves (they can´t hurt you), they cause waste to be released, providing a perfect setting for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to flourish.

But, what cause Green Algae in a Swimming Pool?

The algae spores constantly enter your pool, brought by the wind, rain or by the pollution of the swimsuits and equipment. They will be installed in your pool and bloom if the conditions are right, for example, if the water is unbalanced, too hot or if there is a lack of circulation, filtration and sanitation.

To get rid of green algae in your swimming pool, the best option is to call professionals with years of experience dealing with algae issues. They know that of the more than 20,000 different species of algae that exist, only a few flower in the pools.

Types of algae that frequent the swimming pools:

  • Green Algae: Muddy the water, stick to the walls and float around the algae elimination and prevention treatment
  • Yellow Algae: A wall clinging variety, also called mustard algae, is usually found on the shady side of the pool. This variety is resistant to normal chlorine levels and must be dealt with firmly.
  • Black Algae: Perhaps the most aggravating strain of algae, it can be extremely difficult to eradicate completely. They will appear as dark black or blue/green spots, usually the size of a pencil eraser tip, up to the size of a quarter.
  • Pink Algae: Not really algae at all, but a form of bacteria, which appears as spots or streaks in corners and crevices. Also known as pink slime or pink mold, it forms in the same manner as other biofilms, and prefers to attach itself to smooth surfaces, in areas of low flow or circulation.

The best way to prevent green algae in a swimming pool is:

green algae 1The green algae are persistent and their prevention must also be.

  1. First of all we must eliminate all the waste from the pool, the bottom must be clean, as well as the baskets of the skimmer and the water pump.
  2. Brush the walls from the waterline, to the bottom of the pool once a week, to remove any spores that may have adhered to the surfaces of the pool
  3. It is very important to keep the chlorine and pH levels balanced so that the disinfectant kills the spores and prevents the appearance of algae in the pool.
  4. A weekly shock treatment during the summer months can be ideal to prevent the appearance of algae.
  5. Finally, we should analyze the water regularly.

Probable you can feel like a huge hassle to do all this task, but they are part of the regular cleaning and maintenance that our Broward County experts do to leave your pool looking spotless.


What kills Green Algae in a Pool?

When the preventive plan fails, and algae make their appearance, whether it is Green, Mustard or Black algae, it is advisable to begin by thoroughly brushing all surfaces where they have been deposited and to pass the pool cleaner with the selector valve in empty position so as not to contaminate the filter. This step is not essential but will shorten the treatment time and save chemical products.

Then you must measure the pH of the water.  After pH regulation it is necessary to make a shock treatment with dichloro (Rapid Chlorine).

In addition to the shock treatment with Dichloro, you must do the same with Floculante so that all the dirt goes to the bottom and is easy to remove with the pool cleaner.

After this, the filtration equipment must be started for 24 hours (preferably in the recirculation position) and after these have been re-brushed and vacuumed as recommended before starting the chemical treatment (with the valve in the empty position).

Finally, make a shock treatment with an algicide.

No matter what kind of issues affect your pool  Urban Pool Services, is able to handle any task you send our way. Our Miami Dade County pool cleaning company will assess the wear and tear on your pool and provide you with reasonably priced options to get the issue fixed in no time.




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