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Five problems with pool pumps and know how to solve them

It is common that swimming pool pumps suddenly arise some problems that interfere with its proper functioning; depending on the severity or magnitude of these, you could either solve them yourself or it may be necessary to require the services of a specialist. Regardless of the case, a pool owner should know what are the causes and possible solutions to these problems to make the most convenient decision so that your pool is always in perfect condition. Below are the 5 most common problems with pool pumps, their cause and how to solve them.


  1. The pump sucks incorrectly and produces many bubbles in the filter of the pump: it is possible that the cause is that it is taking air from the skimmer, so we will have to raise the water level. The air can come from a nut that is not adjusted or from a damaged pipe, so we will check the condition of the installation. It may also happen that the pump turbine is clogged or that the pump basket is dirty, so the corresponding element most be cleaned. It may also be that the height at which the pump is above the water level is too large
  2. Pump burning Out: Issues like low water level or overworking your pump can contribute to your pool pump burning out. This is a significant repair that should be avoided at all costs. One key solution is to ensure your pump is primed. While most pumps are self-priming, this means they will reprime after initial proper priming. To prime correctly, you will need to fill the intake with water. Once the pump has started, it will push out air via the discharge, but without a proper water level, it will take in air as well. This is a no-no for your pump. Solutions? Keep your pool water level high, ensure your pump is appropriately primed, don’t overrun the pump, and be certain the pool pump you’re using is the right size for your pool.
  3. The pool pump motor doesn’t work: first, check to see if the pump is getting power and check your timer to make sure the pump is on. if the pump is on and you are hearing a humming noise, it could be a bad capacitor. The capacitor is what starts the pump by giving it a jolt of electricity. No jolt, no start. You can replace the capacitor, but it is best done by a professional. The capacitor can still store power so be careful if replacing. If your pump is old, consider replacing the motor instead.
  4. The pool pump motor is turning off while running: if your pump does turn on, but loses power, it could be overheating. Try running the pump during the night to avoid overheating. If this does not work, check the bottom vents of the motor to make sure there is nothing inhibiting the fan. If the problem persists, you’ll have to replace the pool motor or pool pump.
  5.  The motor loses water: it usually happens because the seal of the motor pump is in poor condition. It is necessary to change it. It is also possible that something similar happens with the mechanical seal or the packing machine. If they are broken, they must be replaced by new devices.

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