Filling Up the Pools of Fort Lauderdale

Pool owners in Fort Lauderdale should ever deal with filling up their pool. Either it is the first time, or because they has decided to make an acid wash or resurfacing. Maybe they have not given it the required maintenance for a long time and now they have decided to revitalize their pool. Regardless of the cause, when you decide to fill your swimming pool a big question arises.

What is the best option to fill my pool?

 And it is that although for some people it seems very obvious the answer, in Miami Dade there are at least five possible alternatives

 1.    Miami Dade Municipal water

The Miami Dade municipal water is exceptional for filling swimming pools, because the water is already treated and balanced. You must contact the Wastewater Department to tell them you are planning to fill a pool so they can give you an estimate about how much will cost. They can be reached at https://www.miamidade.gov/water/contact.asp

To calculate approximately how much the water will cost to fill the pool, just take the gallons needed to fill the pool and divide that number by 7.5. Then, take that total and divide it by 100, this gives you the Numbers of units used to fill the pool which you must multiply by 4.

It is important to know that some people have in their homes septic tanks for their used water and some have to pay for municipal sewage. If you have a septic tank, the water company will only charge you for the water to fill your pool. If you have municipal sewage, it can be expensive to fill your pool as you will be charged the sewage fee for all those gallons of water that the pool took to fill up.

2.    Well water

If you have a well in your home and the quality of the well water is good you can fill your pool with it, in case the well water is smelly, discolored or cloudy there is no problem since you just have to add some chemicals to get it clear and healthy.

If in your home, the well have a water softening system attached somewhere, its run between 10 000 and 20 000 gallons through the softener has a cost as it will take a good amount of salt and chemicals to do so.

3.    Water from a delivery service


This is a very good alternative because the water quality is always excellent and the pool gets filled really fast.1

They deliver clean, treated water which eliminates the mineral stains from Florida well water and reduces the cost of balancing pool chemicals. So, it’s a good option, but it is pricey. In Florida they are 3 are two companies that offer this service.

  1. Davis Water Service is a potable bulk water carrier. They delivered from municipal water systems in your area.
  2. Bulk Water Delivery ServiceThey deliver pool water anywhere in Florida. Areas of operation include but are limited to: Orlando, Mount Doral, Ocala, Gainesville, Titusville, The Villages, Tampa, St Pete, Daytona, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Miami, The Keys, Naples, For Myers and all of Florida
  3. Darling’s Daughters Bulk Water Services is a complete bulk water delivery that provide clean clear treated water to the entire state of Florida 24 hours 7 Days a Week.

 4.    Water from the fire department

Although it is something less and less frequent, a long time ago the fire departments kindly used to fill swimming pools. Although, today it may happen that in exchange for some type of donation, the fire department fills your pool.

Keep in mind that regardless of the method of filling your pool, it is essential to control the parameters that determine the water balancing. Our pool techs are experts carrying out your pool water balance. At Urban Pool Services we utilize only the most safe and effective tools and products because your satisfaction and wellbeing are always our number one prio rity!


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