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Factors that affect the Water Quality

The pools in Fort Lauderdale, Fl receive external contaminants and microorganisms that sooner or later, without proper maintenance, end up decomposing the water and leaving it in unhealthy conditions and very unpleasant to the senses. Therefore it is necessary to carry out a series of daily cleaning activities to guarantee the visual clarity of water and to prevent the transmission of infectious waterborne diseases.


It requires the combination of three fundamental aspects to keep the pool water in perfect condition: Filtration; physical cleaning and chemical treatment. However that is the subject of our next post. For the moment we will focus on the different factors that affect the quality of water or contribute to the amount of contaminants and microorganisms that reach it and that if not taken into account can unbalance the water

  1. The quality of the filling or replacement water source: When the pool is first filled or water is replenished by aspirating or evaporating, this water arrives with many pollutants and a chemical balance different from the ideal or prevents having the proper chemical balance.
  2. Users: bathers use sunscreen, creams, also sweat and unfortunately some urinate inside the pool. These elements (with ammonium), in addition to demanding more chlorine to be counteracted, are combined with chlorine and turn part of it into chloramines (inefficient chlorine) and disinfection is not adequate. This is why it is suggested to shower before entering the pool.
  3. Rainwater: Like fill water, rainwater usually brings a different chemical balance to the pool and pollutants that will demand more chlorine, which ends up breaking it down regularly.
  4. The air: A lot of dirt garbage is transported through the air and at some moment they end up mixing with the water and even dissolving in it.
  5. Evaporation: High temperatures, both from the pool and from the environment, cause certain chemicals to be consumed at a higher speed (the most common is chlorine) and must be used more. Also influences in this evaporation the wind and the existence of cascades or jets of water, since when falling the water evaporates more easily.
  6. Pool temperature: If the temperature of the pool is high (greater than 28 °) the consumption of chemical products rises considerably for each degree that increases, since the evaporation of some chemicals intensifies and the living conditions for some microorganisms are propitious to reproduce.

Due to the factors above, the maintenance of the pool is an essential task.  That is why Our Fort Lauderdale pool cleaning company is exactly who you need on your side to deal with the many issues that can plague your pool. We provide you with long-term maintenance that keeps your pool in stellar shape!, also we have the best prices for cleaning, maintenance, pool remodeling services in Broward County


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