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Decalogue of the pool owner

There is something very enticing about the idea of walking into your own backyard and enjoying the leisurely experience of a private swimming pool. Pools are a wonderful idea if you want to throw some great barbeque parties and give your children a cool summer hangout, but owning a pool entails a great responsibility in terms of security and maintenance.

Pool owners in Broward County Fl, looking for keeping their pool in perfect conditions to ensure their comfort, protect their equipment, and keep it clean and safe for everyone to enjoy opt to either commit to cleaning it themselves or get some automatic pool cleaners, or hire a reliable and experienced pool cleaning company.

Even when you hire a company that provides cleaning and maintenance services or you buy one of those automatic cleaners, still it is necessary to carry out a series of activities which are the responsibility of the pool owner, that is why a set of basic rules has been established that pool owner must fulfill.

  1. Keeping the pump ON at least 8 hours daily. The heart of the filtration system is the pump and it ought to be in operation a minimum of 8 hours a day, so that the water circulates and filtered the solid impurities. This is the first treatment of your pool and represents about 80% of the maintenance efficiency.
  2. Make sure to maintain the proper water level. Maintaining an adequate level of water in your swimming pool is essential to operate the pool equipment. Remember that the pool can lose 200-300 gallons of water per week from evaporation and water splashing out. The perfect level is for the water to be 6″ from the top of the pool (half of the skimmer); This way you avoid damages and burning of the pool pump motor due to overheating if the water is low.
  3. To provide a safe environment for all children and adults. The owner of a swimming pool 1is responsible for maintaining and providing a safe environment for all children and adults who utilize the pool as well as those individuals who live within close proximity to the pool.
  4. Always shower before entering the swimming pool. A pre-swim shower  helps to minimize the irritating, smelly substances formed in pool water when impurities introduced on the bodies of swimmers are combined with chlorine.  In other words, if we do not shower before entering the pool, everything that is on our skin (natural oils, perfumes, creams, sweat, makeup, etc …) will stay in the water and this mixture of chemical elements result in chloramine or bubble of chloramine and other polluting organic compounds
  5. Maintain pool surroundings free of trees or roofs. 
    1. The trees always renew their foliage, so having them close to your pool guarantees that you will always find leaves, flowers, fruits, even bird droppings inside your pool, this in addition to affecting the chemistry of the water, in the long run, it will compromises the good operation of the filters. On the other hand, the roots of the trees with all certainty will find, like a hound, the humidity of the pool.
    2. As for the roofs, keep in mind that during the rainy season the water will drag all the dirt from the roof to your pool. The ideal minimum distance between the pool and the roof is 19,68 ft. (6m).
  6. Use swimming pool ramp for pets. Every year, thousands of drowned animals die in this situation, 2especially puppies and elderly dogs. Usually they cannot leave without help, so they swim until they get tired and end up dying. Also, other animals can fall into the water, either a neighbor’s pet or a Broward County wild animal. This ramp will not only save the life of your dog in case it accidentally falls into the pool, but also any animal that stumbles on it, facilitating an exit.
  7. Schedule the prune of the garden before cleaning the pool. Prunning the garden implies the use of clippers that inevitably spread the cut grass, ending inside the pool. The ideal thing is to schedule the prunning of the garden one or two days before the cleaning of the pool, so that the pool technician will clean everything inside your pool, even the grass left by the gardener.
  8. Do not bathe pets in the pool. While it is true that some dogs enjoy a good dip in the pool, remember that everything your pet wears in its coat will mix with the chemical elements present in the water. Moreover, the pool should not be used to shower pets since the shampoos and other substances that are used to clean your dog will remain in the water.
  9. To leave access gate(s) unlocked. When a cleaning pool company is hired, it is the pool owner responsibility to leave access gate(s) unlocked and the backyard accessible for the pool tech, so he can access and do all the pool cleaning tasks such as skimming, brushing, vacuuming, filter and tile cleaning, etc.
  10. Keep the dogs inside the house while the technician is doing the maintenance and cleaning tasks. While it is true that our pets are usually affectionate, the reality is that the pool tech is a stranger and we cannot predict the behavior of a dog in front of a outsider.

At Urban Pool Services, we understand that keeping up with the regular cleaning and maintenance of your own pool is a huge responsibility. Our Miami Dade County pool cleaning company is exactly who you need, we are committed to providing you with long-term maintenance that keeps your pool in stellar shape! contact us


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