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Custom Pools in South Florida

If you want a Custom Pool, we will make it real for you.

We build beautiful Custom Pools and Patios for enjoyment with your family and friends throughout South Florida.

Innovation, Elegance, Security. From the construction and remodeling of your pool to maintenance and cleaning.

Wide experience of Custom Pools.

Our team of architects, designers and builders will be there to help you create the pool of your dreams from start to finish. Infinite pools, fountains, waterfalls, you think about it and we build it.

personalized swimming pool in florida del sur

Variety of Custom Pool Designs

We are known throughout South Florida as the best Pool Builder thanks to our wide Variety of Custom Pool Designs. In our catalog you will find infinity pools, pools with fountains, pools with lights, pools with custom shapes, pools with spa and jacuzzi. All the designs you need to create the pool of your dreams.

We take care of every detail, including permits.

Don’t worry about the permits and machinery needed for the job, as professional pool and yard builders we’ll take care of it all. At Urban Pool Services we have extensive experience in the field of pool and patio construction and remodeling so we are aware of all the permits, inspections, tools and materials that will be needed and you won’t have to think about it.

personalized swimming pool and patio in florida
personalized swimming pool with anti-slip floor with wooden appearance in south florida

Exactly as you dreamed it.

At the end of the process of customizing your pool you will be able to enjoy with your family or friends that beautiful pool that you had only imagined before and that thanks to Urban Pool Services you will have made possible.
We are the most experienced Pool Builder in South Florida.

Design the backyard and pool of your dreams, we’ll do it for you.

All the amenities for a dreamy patio and pool, in one place.

Call our team of advisors or fill out the form and receive your Free Quote.
Transform your patio, build your new pool, make the life of your dreams come true.
Less stress, more fun.

The experience with a Urban Pool Services was excellent. Great customer service, the team was very knowledgeable and very careful with all they did to create my new beautiful pool in our vacation home. I couldn’t be happier with the results. And best of all, it was done on the time frame that we agreed since the beginning. We felt that we were in good hands. I highly recommend Urban Pool Services.
Carolina Lei
Carolina Lei
Miami, Florida

* Testimonials are made by current clients of Urban Pool Services, the images are referential to protect the privacy of our clients.

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Call us and we will help you bring your pool to life.

  • Get your pool back.
  • Remodel your pool or patio.
  • Receive advice for the construction of your new pool.

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