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COVID-19 is transmitted by water?

A lot of questions have been raised about how COVID-19 is spread, how it can be treated and what the risk is in different situations?

In the last few days we have seen sports events being cancelled all over the world because of the coronavirus. Spain already has several tests and mass events suspended.

Italy became the first country to put its entire territory under quarantine in an effort to contain the virus and with this its Olympic swimming events were also suspended.

You may have thought that these tests were suspended because the water could serve as a vehicle for transmission of the Covid-19 virus, but the reality is otherwise.

The pool water does not transmit the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For those who love swimming pools and swimming there is a positive and quiet point since it seems that it is not transmitted by water.

The Irish Health Service Executive, essentially the equivalent of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, confirms that the coronavirus cannot be transmitted in drinking water and swimming pools, provided these media are properly chlorinated.

According to the Irish Health Protection Monitoring Centre, at least the following detailed specifications are required to sufficiently inactivate the COVID-19 virus in chlorinated drinking water and swimming pools:

In the case of chlorination of drinking water:

Current recommendations” means a Ct value of at least 15 mg.min/litre (e.g. exposure to 0.5 mg/l free chlorine for at least 30 minutes).

In the case of chlorination of swimming pools:

Current recommendations/best practice” means maintaining a free chlorine residue of at least 1.0 mg/l (depending on the type of pool and the disinfectant used)

This way, if your pool is being served correctly you have nothing to worry about, you can enjoy your family in a safe and healthy way.


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