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Choosing My Swimming Pool Deck in Weston

In Weston Fl, the cover around your pool helps create the atmosphere you are looking for, so it is as important as choosing the right size and shape of your pool.

The pool deck pavers are basically rectangular pavers that are used especially for an outdoor swimming pool area’s construction. Currently there is a variety of natural and manmade materials that are used for decks finishes, textures well adapted to their particular environment so during the pool remodeling, it is important to choose a deck with non-slip surface features, safe to sunbathe, play and hang out.

In Fort Lauderdale the most used pool deck finishes are Travertine and pavers.  Let’s talk about the most notable advantages.

Pool Deck Pavers used in the landscaping of outdoor swimming pool areas can be beneficial to homeowners and users of the pool area. Stone, brick, and concrete are the three main materials used to make these pool pavers. These materials are best for pool paving purposes as they can weather the rigid effects of chlorinated or salt water pools.

Its positive attributes stand out

  1. Non-Slip Surface: The key advantage to Pool Pavers is knowing that they will be slip-resistant, for it is so important to know that your family will be safe when playing around the pool and enjoying themselves.
  2. Pool deck pavers are durable enough to endure the effects of foot traffic, salt water effects, and water splashing. It is important however, to choose the right type of Paver material if you have a salt water pool. Just consult your manufacturer for advice.
  3. Easily repaired: When it comes to maintenance and repairs, these pavers are very cost-effective. The versatility of these pool deck pavers extends to the wide variety of design possibilities and patterns. These pavers can create looks to suit one’s pool area as they come in different textures, sizes, shapes, and colors.
  4. Affordability: Pool Pavers are a very cost-effective alternative to flooring the surrounds of your swimming pool areas. Particularly if a mortar-less method of installation is applied to your Pool Pavers

On the other hand, Travertine is a natural material which comes from the family of limestones. Travertine pavers are environment-friendly, thick pieces of travertine which are mostly used for beautifying the pool decks, patios, driveways, walkways and outside stairs.

Advantages of installing travertine pool decks

  1. Water Absorbency: Concrete pavers do absorb some water. Tiles do not, and neither does flagstone. Water is constantly present around a swimming pool, especially if it is heavily used by children. It has to go somewhere, and travertine absorbs more water than other paving materials
  2. Non-Slip Surface: using travertine gives you excellent safety against slip and falls. The surface feels smooth, yet it has great grip. In fact, the grip increases when the stone is wet.
  3. Non-Fading: Travertine pool decks are natural stone whose color is permanent versus dyes that are used in other materials that are long lasting or fade-resistant
  4. No Efflorescence: that’s a powdery deposit that is commonly seen on concrete surfaces. It’s one of the biggest drawbacks to colored concrete so often used in stamped concrete paving. Any concrete surface is often plagued with this efflorescence powder forming on top. Once again, no travertine pool deck will ever have this issue.
  5. Strength: Considered a soft stone, travertine is actually 2 times stronger than poured concrete. It also beats Kool Deck hands down.
  6. Eco-friendly, since travertine tiles do not have to go through the manufacturing process and are deposited around geothermally heated hot springs, it is a perfect option for those who favor the “Going Green” trend.

If you want to remodel your pool and still have doubts , let everything in the hands of Urban Pool Services,  our experienced team design and build the swimming pool of your dreams.


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