We already have spoken about how important is to disinfect swimming pool water in order to kill bacteria, protozoa and viruses in water to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Chlorine is the chemical mostly used to disinfect swimming pools in Miami Dade, but currently many pool owners are using alternatives to chlorine to disinfect their pools.

The most popular chlorine-free disinfectants in Miami Dade are:

The only disadvantage with respect to chlorine is that active oxygen is more volatile, that is, it is consumed faster so that in order not to waste chemical excess or defect it is recommended to install automatic dosing equipment, as well as the level of disinfectant It will be controlled at all times and the pool is always free of algae, bacteria and fungi.

This greater versatility of bromine makes it the ideal product for swimming pools and spa, since its oxidative capacity ends with any organic matter that is in the water, in addition there are combined products of bromine with active oxygen that dissolve very quickly to perform treatments crash.

While you can perform this process yourself, it is best to leave the pool cleaning tasks in the hands of Urban Pool Services, we understand how important is to keep your pool water in perfect condition. So We use only the most save and effective tools and products to do periodic cleaning services that leave your pool looking spotless. Request a Free Pool Service Quote.