The Right Turnover Rate For My Pool

pool circulation system with sand filter and pump

One problem that usually makes us seek help is a fault in the pool’s circulation system. Generally, when we have any difficulty in our pool, we immediately ask for advice and technical support from specialists in the area. So, first of all let’s understand that the function of the circulation system is to recover the […]

Swimming pool maintenance costs

Swimming pool maintenance costs

The maintenance costs of a swimming pool are very variable because of the type of pool you have installed, the water, the products you use to clean it, etc. When looking for the best price for pool maintenance, there are several things you can do to make sure you have chosen the best pool cleaning company […]

How to Shock my Swimming Pool

Shock Swimming Pool Pembroke Pines

In our previous publications we already mentioned the importance of applying an acid wash to our pools, that is why we now bring you another important method to keep the pool water safe and clean through an electric shock to your swimming pool. Most people would think that the word Shocking sounds somewhat extreme, but […]

Why To Acid Wash My Pool

Acid Wash Pool

In general, your pool only needs an acid wash every five or seven years if you do regularly pool cleaning and maintenance. Beside that, an acid wash becomes necessary when the pool has turned into a swamp, either because algae are a recurring problem or the winterizing process is not done properly. On average, pool owners will want to acid […]

Getting Rid Off Green Algae

Getting Rid Off Green Algae in Florida

In Hallandale Beach, when you have a swimming pool, one of the most common battles is the fight against green algae.  Although algae are not necessarily dangerous in themselves (they can´t hurt you), they cause waste to be released, providing a perfect setting for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to flourish. But, what cause Green […]

Best Chlorine Alternatives for Pool Owners

Pool Cleaners

We already have spoken about how important is to disinfect swimming pool water in order to kill bacteria, protozoa and viruses in water to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Chlorine is the chemical mostly used to disinfect swimming pools in Miami Dade, but currently many pool owners are using alternatives to chlorine to disinfect […]

Are Phosphates a Problem for my Pool?

Phosphates can reach the pool water in various ways, either by weather conditions such as wind or rain, by the use of certain chemicals, or because our garden has been enriched with phosphates to improve grass growth or the plants. Regardless of how it happens, if phosphates are allowed to remain in pool water, they […]

Keeping the pool water in perfect condition

If you want to keep your pool in perfect conditions to ensure your comfort, protect your equipment, and keep it clean and safe for everyone to enjoy,  is essential the combination of three fundamental aspects: Filtration Every pool requires a good filtration and circulation system. The filter plays a very important role, even when turbidity […]

Factors that affect the Water Quality

The pools in Fort Lauderdale, Fl receive external contaminants and microorganisms that sooner or later, without proper maintenance, end up decomposing the water and leaving it in unhealthy conditions and very unpleasant to the senses. Therefore it is necessary to carry out a series of daily cleaning activities to guarantee the visual clarity of water […]

Winter Winds bring Dirt to the Pool

In winter season many pool owners in Broward County face the problems generated by the strong winds typical of this time of year, especially when said pool is outdoors. It is normal for the wind to generate waves and soft movements in the water of the pool due to the force it carries, however that´s […]