Swimming Pool Ramp is a Lifesaver for Dogs

Swimming pool ramp is a lifesaver for dogs

Dogs, like children, enjoy the pool, but run the same risks of drowning if we do not establish adequate safety measures, especially in pools without in-ground swimming pool steps. Which is why a ramp is essential. But, to be honest, we usually we don’t attach importance to the safety of our pets when they’re in … Read moreSwimming Pool Ramp is a Lifesaver for Dogs

Maintenance Costs of a Swimming Pool

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The maintenance costs of a swimming pool are very variable because of the type of pool you have installed, the water, the products you use to clean it, etc. It will cost more or less time and work and therefore more or less money. It must be borne in mind that swimming pools in poor condition … Read moreMaintenance Costs of a Swimming Pool

Pool Safely Grant Program

The U.S. Consumer Product Safely Commission (CPSC) has announced a 90-day solicitation seeking applications for a special Pool Safely Grant Program (PSGP) offered to state and local governments. This program provides state and local governments with assistance to help implement enforcement and education programs, with the goal of preventing drownings and drain entrapments in pools … Read morePool Safely Grant Program

Prevent Slips and Falls around the Swimming Pool

Accidents occur wherever we go. We are human and mistakes happen but to limit dangers and hazards we need to pay attention to detail and do our part to prevent injuries. A swimming pool in the backyard is a place of relaxation and recreation but also has the ingredients to become a safety hazard. Unforgiving … Read morePrevent Slips and Falls around the Swimming Pool

18 Tips for Swimming Pool Safety for Children

In Weston, a backyard pool can be beneficial for kids. Swimming is not only fun, it is terrific exercise. In addition, a pool can set the scene for hours of quality family time, as well as playtime with friends. However, if you have a pool, you have a responsibility to safeguard it. There is no … Read more18 Tips for Swimming Pool Safety for Children

5 Tips to Keep Your Family Safe at the Pool

Pool Safety for Family

There’s nothing like enjoying a day outdoors in the pool with our family and friends. The little ones love to be in the pool for hours at a time, and that’s precisely why it’s necessary to think about safety measures and avoid any kind of accidents that could spoil the fun. It is essential to … Read more5 Tips to Keep Your Family Safe at the Pool