Thinking About Replastering My Pool

pool replastering white

 When you had your pool settled, the people who did it probable used either concrete or gunite to make the “shell” of the pool. The problem with both of those materials is that they’re porous so, overtime your pool will leak. This is why plastering is so important, besides makes the pool´s surfaces look and … Read moreThinking About Replastering My Pool

Why To Acid Wash My Pool

Acid Wash Pool

In general, your pool only needs an acid wash every five or seven years if you do regularly pool cleaning and maintenance. Beside that, an acid wash becomes necessary when the pool has turned into a swamp, either because algae are a recurring problem or the winterizing process is not done properly. On average, pool owners will want to acid … Read moreWhy To Acid Wash My Pool

Choosing My Swimming Pool Deck in Weston

Custom Pool Decks

In Weston Fl, the cover around your pool helps create the atmosphere you are looking for, so it is as important as choosing the right size and shape of your pool. The pool deck pavers are basically rectangular pavers that are used especially for an outdoor swimming pool area’s construction. Currently there is a variety … Read moreChoosing My Swimming Pool Deck in Weston

Finding the right Pool Contractor

Everyone has heard the expression, “You get what you pay for.” This saying is never more relevant than when you’re planning a swimming pool remodeling or resurfacing and that, obviously involves hiring a swimming pool remodeling company. Here are some tips to choose the right swimming pool remodeling company in Broward County Connect with the … Read moreFinding the right Pool Contractor

Bright and clean swimming pool with Diamond Brite

We offer the entire Diamond Brite range; the best pool liner. With Diamond Brite you can say goodbye to the paint and your pool will be protected for years to come. Diamond Brite pool finishes are excellent for both surface remodeling and construction from scratch. Among its characteristics, it has a good adhesion capacity, which … Read moreBright and clean swimming pool with Diamond Brite

¡You deserve the pool of your dreams!

Have you ever thought about having a pool? You’ve probably seen a lot of pool pictures and wondered if it’s for you. At Urban Pool Services we believe that you too can have a pool, and not just any pool: ¡You deserve the pool of your dreams! Designed exclusively for you. We want to guide … Read more¡You deserve the pool of your dreams!