Keeping the pool water in perfect condition

If you want to keep your pool in perfect conditions to ensure your comfort, protect your equipment, and keep it clean and safe for everyone to enjoy,  is essential the combination of three fundamental aspects: Filtration Every pool requires a good filtration and circulation system. The filter plays a very important role, even when turbidity […]

Winter Winds bring Dirt to the Pool

In winter season many pool owners in Broward County face the problems generated by the strong winds typical of this time of year, especially when said pool is outdoors. It is normal for the wind to generate waves and soft movements in the water of the pool due to the force it carries, however that´s […]

Swimming Pool Maintenance Cost

For families that have the privilege of having a pool at home, it becomes a recreational and refreshing space. But it is essential to carry out a cleaning correction and therefore take into account how much it costs to maintain a pool. First of all, let’s make it clear that the maintenance costs of a pool are […]

Why Should I Shock My Pool?

Although the word Shocking sounds somewhat extreme, its refers to a useful treatment to prevent and correct most of the problems that affect the pool water. Shocking is also known as super chlorinating. Shocking It’s a way to keep pool water safe and clean by either chlorine or non-chlorine chemicals that you add to the […]

It is really important the Pool pH?

The importance and roles of pH and alkalinity are often not well understood even by veteran pool owners. With our Pool Service, Maintaining the proper chemical balance in your pool water not only keeps the water sparkling clean, it also helps protect your heater, pump, and other system components from damage, and can assist in […]

Always choose the Best Pool Cleaning Company.

 When choosing the company that will provide the maintenance services, always choose the best pool cleaning company, and for that there are several aspects to consider. The care and maintenance of a swimming pool requires professionals trained and specialized in all the necessary processes so that the pool is maintained in appropriate conditions throughout the […]