Getting Rid Off Green Algae

Getting Rid Off Green Algae in Florida

In Hallandale Beach, when you have a swimming pool, one of the most common battles is the fight against green algae.  Although algae are not necessarily dangerous in themselves (they can´t hurt you), they cause waste to be released, providing a perfect setting for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to flourish. But, what cause Green … Read moreGetting Rid Off Green Algae

Chlorine Alternatives for Pool Owners

We already have spoken about how important is to disinfect swimming pool water in order to kill bacteria, protozoa and viruses in water to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Chlorine is the chemical mostly used to disinfect swimming pools in Miami Dade Code, but currently many pool owners are using alternatives to chlorine to … Read moreChlorine Alternatives for Pool Owners

Are phosphates a problem for my pool?

Phosphates can reach the pool water in various ways, either by weather conditions such as wind or rain, by the use of certain chemicals, or because our garden has been enriched with phosphates to improve grass growth or the plants. Regardless of how it happens, if phosphates are allowed to remain in pool water, they … Read moreAre phosphates a problem for my pool?

Five problems with pool pumps and know how to solve them

It is common that swimming pool pumps suddenly arise some problems that interfere with its proper functioning; depending on the severity or magnitude of these, you could either solve them yourself or it may be necessary to require the services of a specialist. Regardless of the case, a pool owner should know what are the … Read moreFive problems with pool pumps and know how to solve them

Keeping the pool water in perfect condition

If you want to keep your pool in perfect conditions to ensure your comfort, protect your equipment, and keep it clean and safe for everyone to enjoy,  is essential the combination of three fundamental aspects: Filtration Every pool requires a good filtration and circulation system. The filter plays a very important role, even when turbidity … Read moreKeeping the pool water in perfect condition

It is really important the Pool pH?

The importance and roles of pH and alkalinity are often not well understood even by veteran pool owners. Maintaining the proper chemical balance in your pool water not only keeps the water sparkling clean, it also helps protect your heater, pump, and other system components from damage, and can assist in keeping your pool finish … Read moreIt is really important the Pool pH?