5 Things you must know when Hiring a Pool Cleaning Company

42/5000 equipment for a good pool cleaning

When looking for the best cleaning service for your pool, there are several things you can do to make sure you have chosen the best pool cleaning service. It is important to know that There are many different types of pool cleaning and maintenance companies. From National to local pool service businesses, each one has … Read more5 Things you must know when Hiring a Pool Cleaning Company

Top 10 Summer Pool Fun Activities

summer fun activities in a swimming pool cleaned by Urban Pool Services

Florida has a very hot summer, in fact, it is a paradise dreamed by most because its wather makes it the perfect recreational and refreshing space for Miami Dade and Broward pool owners. Relaxing by the pool during the hot days of summer is one of the best parts of summer.   We can also plan … Read moreTop 10 Summer Pool Fun Activities

Getting Rid Off Green Algae

Getting Rid Off Green Algae in Florida

In Hallandale Beach, when you have a swimming pool, one of the most common battles is the fight against green algae.  Although algae are not necessarily dangerous in themselves (they can´t hurt you), they cause waste to be released, providing a perfect setting for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to flourish. But, what cause Green … Read moreGetting Rid Off Green Algae

Why do I have to treat pool water?

The majority of pool owners in Fort Lauderdale know that to enjoy sparkling clean pool water it is essential the combination of three aspects: circulation systems; physical cleaning and chemical treatment. However, some people have asked me, isn’t enough to skimming, vacuuming and brushing the pool? Why does the pool water have to be treated … Read moreWhy do I have to treat pool water?

Pool Safely Grant Program

The U.S. Consumer Product Safely Commission (CPSC) has announced a 90-day solicitation seeking applications for a special Pool Safely Grant Program (PSGP) offered to state and local governments. This program provides state and local governments with assistance to help implement enforcement and education programs, with the goal of preventing drownings and drain entrapments in pools … Read morePool Safely Grant Program

Prevent Slips and Falls around the Swimming Pool

Accidents occur wherever we go. We are human and mistakes happen but to limit dangers and hazards we need to pay attention to detail and do our part to prevent injuries. A swimming pool in the backyard is a place of relaxation and recreation but also has the ingredients to become a safety hazard. Unforgiving … Read morePrevent Slips and Falls around the Swimming Pool

Always choose the Best Pool Cleaning Company.

 When choosing the company that will provide the maintenance services, always choose the best pool cleaning company, and for that there are several aspects to consider. The care and maintenance of a swimming pool requires professionals trained and specialized in all the necessary processes so that the pool is maintained in appropriate conditions throughout the … Read moreAlways choose the Best Pool Cleaning Company.