Bright and clean swimming pool with Diamond Brite

We offer the entire Diamond Brite range; the best pool liner. With Diamond Brite you can say goodbye to the paint and your pool will be protected for years to come.

Diamond Brite pool finishes are excellent for both surface remodeling and construction from scratch. Among its characteristics, it has a good adhesion capacity, which at the same time reduces leaks through the walls. Diamond Brite is a line of finishes for spas, terraces, aquatic areas or swimming pools.

The Diamond Brite line is made from a combination of quartz powder, white or fortified gray cement, and 3M polymers that make it an extremely attractive solution compared to traditional pool coatings, which will create a durable and durable surface that will also help prevent stains of any kind. It is available in classic colours, such as onyx, ivory, pearl and even green. This is how from the bottom of the pool the color will emerge to project tranquility and similarity with the color of the sea.

When you do the Diamond Brite pool liner, you’re saving money because of its longer lifespan, comfortable and stylish finishes, plus quick installation. Diamond Brite is chosen and used internationally in thousands of private swimming pools, resorts, hotels, public swimming pools, clubs, Olympic competition sports venues, water parks, Disney World, Sea World, etc.

These are some of the advantages that distinguish Diamod Brite:

  • Lasts 5 times longer than painting
  • Reduces the possibility of leaks
  • Prevents bacterial adhesion
  • Decrease in chemical expenditure
  • Different colors
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

The durability of the Diamond Brite will be guaranteed if the correct installation is carried out. Although this is a simple and quick procedure, we recommend that you hire a trained staff; the installation consists of several steps and requires specific equipment.

Proper and regular maintenance will prolong the Diamond Brite finish; therefore, it should be maintained regularly:

  • Check and keep track of chemical water levels once a week
  • Brush the pool completely, walls and floor, weekly.
  • Remove all debris or dirt from the pool.
  • Check and maintain the filter, pump and secondary filters to conserve a proper water fluid and filtrate.

We are ready to respond to each of your needs, we have trained professionals and ready to keep your pool in the best conditions. Request your quote today, without any obligation.


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