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What mean pool water balancing?

Water is known for its “universal solvent” property. That is, depending on the circumstances can dissolve “almost” all materials, with more or less time in between. Water can be both corrosive and incrustations and when this happens we speak of unbalanced water, while water that does not cause these problems is called balanced water. The … Read more

What if we do not …?

Every pool owner knows that there are duties to be met rigorously, but let’s face it, many times we do not know the reason for all that; we simply accept that the pool water requires certain things to stay clean and that is enough for us. But sometimes we ask ourselves, what if we do … Read more

Pool service during rainy season

Most pool owners in Broward County and Miami Dade County have complained because their pool has been partially served because of the rain, and the pool tech will not return to perform any missed duties until the next regular service Officially the OSHA regulations are the reason why your pool techs is not allowed to … Read more

Why do I have to treat pool water?

The majority of pool owners in Fort Lauderdale know that to enjoy sparkling clean pool water it is essential the combination of three aspects: circulation systems; physical cleaning and chemical treatment. However, some people have asked me, isn’t enough to skimming, vacuuming and brushing the pool? Why does the pool water have to be treated … Read more

6 Myths about chlorine in the pool

The water in the pool must be purified both chemically and physically. The physical part refers to the work performed by the circulation system, and the chemical part refers to the elements and substance that we must add to the water to purify it. Chemically speaking your pool requires two basic elements to purify: disinfectant … Read more

Decalogue of the pool owner

There is something very enticing about the idea of walking into your own backyard and enjoying the leisurely experience of a private swimming pool. Pools are a wonderful idea if you want to throw some great barbeque parties and give your children a cool summer hangout, but owning a pool entails a great responsibility in … Read more

What is the Skimmer for?

All the pools in Weston have a series of equipment that are part of  the necessary installation to perform the different functions of filling, emptying, circulating, and filtering the water. In this sense the skimmer is an element of great importance within the filtering system, located in the upper level of the pool. Skimmers are … Read more

Pool Circulation Systems

To enjoy sparkling clean pool water in Weston Fl, (as I seed in previous post), every pool requires the combination of three fundamental aspects: circulation systems; physical cleaning and chemical treatment. The first of these three fundamental elements is the pool circulation system which may be differently designed and installed depending on the shape and … Read more


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