The Best Pool Filter System for your Pool

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To prepare you to choose the perfect pool filter, let’s start with explaining the Importance and Function of the Filter. Above all the filter and the pump are fundamental to maintain the visual clarity of water and to prevent the transmission of infectious waterborne diseases.  The filter and pump works together  as one of the … Read moreThe Best Pool Filter System for your Pool

Why To Acid Wash My Pool

Acid Wash Pool

In general, your pool only needs an acid wash every five or seven years if you do regularly pool cleaning and maintenance. Beside that, an acid wash becomes necessary when the pool has turned into a swamp, either because algae are a recurring problem or the winterizing process is not done properly. On average, pool owners will want to acid … Read moreWhy To Acid Wash My Pool

Getting Rid Off Green Algae

Getting Rid Off Green Algae in Florida

In Hallandale Beach, when you have a swimming pool, one of the most common battles is the fight against green algae.  Although algae are not necessarily dangerous in themselves (they can´t hurt you), they cause waste to be released, providing a perfect setting for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to flourish. But, what cause Green … Read moreGetting Rid Off Green Algae