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A Smart Pool

A swimming pool in the backyard can set the scene for hours of quality family time, as well as playtime with friends. However, involves a huge responsibility and takes many hours to keep your pool in perfect conditions to ensure your comfort, protect your equipment, and keep it clean and safe for everyone to enjoy

That is why the pool owners of Weston Fl, consider the possibility of having a smart pool, with automated processes that will allow you to have the pool more controlled and cared for without spending so much time. Nonetheless, do you know what to do to automate the care of your pool ?.

First, Automate the filtering process:   The filtering system is the heart of the pool circuit, which ensures that the water is clean of impurities from the outside. The higher the water temperature, the more often it must be filtered. If you must do it manually, it is a laborious task (measure the temperature of the water, activate the filter system, check that it works well, turn it off …). Automating this process allows that when it is detected that it is necessary, the rinsing and washing is activated by an electric valve that handles the heaviest part of the process.1

Another essential element in the care and maintenance of the pool is the monitoring of pH levels: Having the wrong pH level in the pool water can cause irritation in the eyes when bathing and faster deterioration of the accessories. By installing the appropriate sensors, you will receive a notification if the level is not correct and needs to be adjusted. In this way you can act on time and avoid unwanted results.

Do not overlook maintaining the perfect water level: When swimming and playing in the pool causes the water level to be altered. In a Smart Pool this factor stops worrying us because thanks to a pressure sensor, the system recognizes if it has to be refilled and activates / deactivates this process automatically.

In the same way as in a Smart Home it is very important to have control of the temperature so that it is always well adjusted, thinking of comfort and energy saving, in a heated pool you must have temperature control. Through specialized sensors we will have the information to modify the target temperature, see graphs and know the status at any time.

A Smart Pool will give you warnings of unexpected events and reminders for maintenance. For any process that is automated, there is the option to configure the system so that in the event of any unexpected stoppage, temperature increase, etc. a notification is received via email or phone call. Also for the cyclic changes of material, the reminders can be established and the same system warns you.

Finally, installing lights inside the pool causes a fantastic effect in the garden and is perfect for bathing at night. The idea in a Smart Pool is that this lighting, apart from automating the switching on and off, can be used to create scenes in the garden and that the colors change according to the defined scene.

If you are in Broward or Miami Dade and want to get more out of your pool, do not hesitate to contact to Urban Pool Services. We only work with certified professionals in the pool area that will guide you in the installation of the best system for the automation of your pool.


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