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5 Things you must know when Hiring a Pool Cleaning Company

When looking for the best cleaning service for your pool, there are several things you can do to make sure you have chosen the best pool cleaning service. It is important to know that There are many different types of pool cleaning and maintenance companies.

From National to local pool service businesses, each one has particular characteristics that we must bear in mind when selecting the company that will be in charge of the cleaning and maintenance of our backyard oasis.

Here is a list of things you don’t know and should know when hiring a pool cleaning company

National vs. Local Pool Service Businesses

Negative aspects that large national pool service companies usually have are a high turnover rate, which inevitably results in employees with little to no pool experience and minimal training, and low pay for their employees. This tends to result in pool technicians who aren’t qualified enough to offer the proper care and repair your pool needs.

On the other hand, most local family business tends to be professional pool companies with staff who are willing and able to effectively care for your pool long term and repair it when necessary.

Make sure to choose a family business that loves Pool Service in Miami Dade Fl, with a team of Specialized and Certified Technicians who  will always be there to support you, with they experience to meet all your needs for Pool Cleaning, Pool RemodelingPool Construction and Patio Remodeling.

When Charging for additional Pool Chemicals

A standard Pool Cleaning Services include various elements, such as Water chemistry & quality check, Skimming, Brushing, Vacuuming, Filter cleaning, Tile cleaning and Chemical service.

So, you shouldn’t pay extra for the chemicals that are applied to your pool weekly since these are included in the cost of the basic service that you have contracted.

However, there are situations that merit additional charges for pool chemicals. The most common are, When the pool turns green due to misuse. When it is necessary to drain the pool and fill it with fresh water, all the chemicals must be leveled again. Also it’s typical to charge more if a special chemical was purchased specifically for your pool.

Pool Equipment Repairs

Like a computer shop, pool companies receive their parts for less than it would cost you to purchase them. They mark them up slightly and charge you for their time spent doing the pool repair.

Beware of deceitful repair technicians who may opt for used parts instead of new ones to do your repair. These parts could come from the dumpster or from another client’s pool.

It’s important to view the pool parts before installation to ensure they aren’t previously used. If the technician is using a refurbished part, you should know about it.

When Pool Cleaning is omitted

Sometime pool tech skip cleaning a pool, it cloud be because they have a busy pool-servicing schedule (That’s something that’s unacceptable, but could happen). However, when it is raining, the pool technician cannot perform the service and will not redo any of the lost tasks until his next regularly scheduled cleaning.

Officially the OSHA regulations is the reason why your pool technicians are not allowed to use any pool equipment to brush, skimmer and vacuum your pool during a rain, but even when somebody want to work during rain, staying indoors is a safety concern not only for the pool tech crew but also for all Florida residents.

Hire the Right Pool Services Company

A standard pool cleaning typically includes Skimming, Vacuuming, Brushing, Cleaning and changing filter cartridges or media, Water levels (leak detection), Maintaining proper chemicals (chlorine, pH, CYA, muriatic acid), Shocking the pool, Opening and closing pool (depending on where you’re located).

besides that, a reliable and experienced pool cleaning company that you can trust will also offer you

  • Fast response times
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Licensed and insured pool cleaning experts
  • Wide range of replacement parts

At Urban Pool Services, all of our services are guaranteed with the highest quality of care and responsibility. You and your family’s safety are always our top concern and your satisfaction is our main goal. Regardless of whether you need to have your pool serviced or need more extensive repairs or construction, our friendly staff are always here ready to assist you. When you need Broward County pool cleaning that gets the job done right, the first time, then get in touch with our skilled team members!


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